Check out my ETSY shop!!!!

Check out my ETSY shop!!!!
Click on the photo to see my latest creations at Etsy!!!

Friday, August 6, 2010

FFF-Can You Do This??!!

Children with Down Syndrome often have loosely attached super flexible joints…Ricky is no exception.  Often I will find him sitting in front of the TV with one or both feet up by his ears!  He frequently sleeps doubled over with his chest touching his knees!  My strange little man…

summer-williamsburg 2010 269

We took this picture while we were out at our lake home a week ago.  We also had to visit our newest family members while we were there…

summer-williamsburg 2010 267

summer-williamsburg 2010 264

summer-williamsburg 2010 261

Is there anything more sweet than brand new baby kittens??!!  My kids couldn’t put them down!

Stop over to Hannah’s blog to see more Friday Fotos and have a wonderful weekend!!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


For anyone who is interested, here is the link to my Etsy shop inventory-reduction sale that is starting today!  Click HERE

I have over 200 items for sale at a fraction of what I sell them for on Etsy.  If interested in anything, please email me…udlund at hotmail dot com.

Here are some items for sale…

socks-sale 023

Mermaid and Lady bug made-to-match Gymboree hair bows

socks-sale 022

socks-sale 069

socks-sale 070

socks-sale 085

socks-sale 105

socks-sale 148

socks-sale 119

socks-sale 131

socks-sale 135

socks-sale 136

Most items are one-of-a-kind and are ready to ship today so don’t wait if you are interested.  Buy now for back-to-school or for birthday, baby shower or Christmas gifts!!