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Check out my ETSY shop!!!!
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Friday, April 30, 2010



This week’s theme is U-Pick.  Since we just celebrated Peter’s 3rd birthday yesterday, I will share some photos of the day.  He was so excited with the whole birthday concept this year and was so sad to have it end when I put him to bed! 

Peter wanted to celebrate his birthday at Chuck E Cheese(despite my teens trying to convince him to go to a more teen-friendly restaurant!) so that is where we went last night!

spring 2010 102

spring 2010 104

spring 2010 100

Then we came back home again for cake and gifts!

spring 2010 109

spring 2010 106

spring 2010 099 

Also wanted to leave you with the latest Guatemalan items I am listing in my Etsy shop…

socks-spring 313

socks-spring 314

socks-spring 315 socks-spring 316

Check in on Hannah’s blog to see more FFF!  Blessings….

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Look Who’s 3!!!

I find it hard to believe that my little man is already 3 years old!  Three years ago I was still completing my adoption paperwork and just submitting it to our agency.  Eleven days later we received a call about a newborn baby boy and these were the first pictures we saw…

Peter-May 07 118

Peter-May 07 003

We fell completely in love with this sweet little boy and knew that God intended for him to join our family!  It was torture for the next 2 months waiting until we finally got to visit him for the first time…


We brought Peter home at 9 months of age.  Here is his first birthday just 3 months later…

Nic Universe 016

Santa 014

Here’s Peter at age two….

Peter's 2 year old pix and sox 028

Peter's 2nd birthday 021

Peter's 2nd birthday 027

Peter's 2nd birthday 036

And here is my big THREE YEAR OLD boy today!  We love you Peter!!  Happy birthday!!!

spring 2010 087

spring 2010 091

spring 2010 090

spring 2010 093

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Great Fundraiser

I stumbled upon a blog this weekend and immediately felt like I wanted to help this sweet family.  Tanya and her husband are adopting Khloe from China and are doing a neat fundraiser on their blog right now.  There are some really great prizes and you don’t even have to contribute money to be eligible to win them(although they would sure appreciate it if you did!). 


Here’s an opportunity to win some of my Sox That Rock if you’ve always wanted to try some.  I also am giving away some cute hair clippies and Hello Kitty items!!!

I love the beaded silverware sets and the American Girl outfit and lots of other great prizes she is giving away very soon.  Please go and check it out at Tanya’s adoption blog.

socks-spring 230

socks-spring 234

socks-spring 155

socks-spring 184

socks-spring 220

socks-spring 238

Also, would you keep my friend, Leah, in your prayers.  She is stranded in Bulgaria.  Leah went there with another mom who was adopting a sweet little boy with Down Syndrome and they are all stuck there until the air clears with the recent volcanic eruption in Iceland!  You can check out her blog HERE. Leah has a great sense of humor despite her present circumstances…she’ll make you smile!

Friday, April 16, 2010


Spring is the time of year when you think of new life.  This weeks’ theme is “In Full Bloom”.  Peter and I went to the MN Zoo on Wednesday to see all the new life…the baby animals.  It’s great to have a zoo pass to to live near the zoo so we can visit for a short time and leave when my little man gets tired!

There is a working farm that you can visit at our zoo…

spring 2010 086

With baby chicks and ducks….

spring 2010 085

And even some newly hatched eggs!

spring 2010 083

spring 2010 081

The zoo was in “full bloom” with baby pigs…

spring 2010 084

And a brand new baby camel…

spring 2010 070

And Peter’s favorite, the baby cows.

spring 2010 076

spring 2010 077

spring 2010 078

Of course, no farm visit is complete without a “tractor ride”!

spring 2010

My favorite animals to visit at the zoo are the Russian bears.  They are so fun to watch…

spring 2010 066

spring 2010 069

To see what else is in FULL BLOOM, stop by Hannah’s blog.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Fun with Science

We send our twins, Ricky and Greta, to an Arts and Science Magnet School.  It’s amazing to see how fun they make science and the arts for the children while they are learning!

This past Friday, the school held it’s annual Science Fair.  They brought in birds of prey for the children to observe…

spring 2010 043

spring 2010 046

spring 2010 048

And lots of other creepy crawly critters…

spring 2010 045

spring 2010 047

spring 2010 050

spring 2010 051

They showed off some of their cool art projects…

spring 2010 059

spring 2010 057

And robots…

spring 2010 054

And we got the chance to do lots of hands-on experiments like pedal a bike to that makes light bulbs work.  Greta found out that the new energy-saving light bulbs work with very little effort on the bike versus the old standard light bulbs which use more energy…

spring 2010 064

spring 2010 065

A bubble experiment…Peter loved this one!

spring 2010 058

spring 2010 061

spring 2010 060

spring 2010 062

Greta even got to make perfume using man-made products and also using natural items found in nature like flowers!  I’m not sure I would wear the perfume she made, but she’s proud of it!

spring 2010 063

Ricky was off with his dad so I didn’t get many photos of him.  They got to go into a star lab and see the planets and stars!  It was a family fun night and we all learned something!