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Check out my ETSY shop!!!!
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Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Great Fundraiser

I stumbled upon a blog this weekend and immediately felt like I wanted to help this sweet family.  Tanya and her husband are adopting Khloe from China and are doing a neat fundraiser on their blog right now.  There are some really great prizes and you don’t even have to contribute money to be eligible to win them(although they would sure appreciate it if you did!). 


Here’s an opportunity to win some of my Sox That Rock if you’ve always wanted to try some.  I also am giving away some cute hair clippies and Hello Kitty items!!!

I love the beaded silverware sets and the American Girl outfit and lots of other great prizes she is giving away very soon.  Please go and check it out at Tanya’s adoption blog.

socks-spring 230

socks-spring 234

socks-spring 155

socks-spring 184

socks-spring 220

socks-spring 238

Also, would you keep my friend, Leah, in your prayers.  She is stranded in Bulgaria.  Leah went there with another mom who was adopting a sweet little boy with Down Syndrome and they are all stuck there until the air clears with the recent volcanic eruption in Iceland!  You can check out her blog HERE. Leah has a great sense of humor despite her present circumstances…she’ll make you smile!


Gardenia said...

sounds like an awesome fundraiser, and look at that sweet baby Chloe. I'll check them out. love your socks with the princesses! of course I love all your socks!!! and I'll pray for Leah and her mom friend in bulgaria. how anxious they must feel.

Leah Maya Benjamin said...

I will check out their blog next. OF course we love Hello Kitty around here! She has a little Hello Kitty doll like that and my mom found some rings on ebay, some I cut the back off of and made into hair clips, and she loves them. We also have frineds and family stuck because of the ash. I do hope your friend gets home soon!