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Friday, April 2, 2010


I’m not sticking to this week’s theme of Silly Faces as I was too busy to get any pictures of that! 

One of Peter’s favorite things to do now that the weather is so beautiful is to have “picnics wiff Mommy!”  We eat lunch most days out on his little picnic table .  It’s so nice to enjoy the 70-80 degrees that we have been having after being cooped up all winter inside! 

spring 2010 005 

spring 2010 008

He breaks for lunch just long enough to eat then it’s off to riding his bike again! 

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Terri said...

What perfect weather for picnics! I love them too just like peter!
What a cutie Peter is!

Amy said...

Love the pictures and the egg hunt pictures in the other post too. We have been enjoying this weather too. So nice after such a cold winter.
Have a happy Easter.

Melinda said...

Don't you just love these warmer days of spring?! A picnic with Crista is on my to do list for next week!

Hannah said...

Picnics are a hit here too! I love the pictures of him eating in his helmet...too cute!!

Anne said...

So cute! I love that he doesn't take off his helmet to eat :) We're so glad it is finally nice enough to eat outside.

nora said...

Has this been the best Easter week for weather EVER??? Love the helmet pics. Can't quite get the girls do enjoy their bikes with their helmets - working on it!

Gardenia said...

how darling that you two eat at his picnic table. he's looking so cute. happy blessed easter.

Donna said...

We love picnics, too - just too much fun! The safety helmet is a must! You never know when danger could strike!

Too cute!

Aileen said...

So cute! We love picnics too.

Kim & Dave said...

70's & 80's?! I'm jealous!!! JK!!

We eat luch outside almost all summer-& look forward to it all winter!