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Monday, April 12, 2010

Fun with Science

We send our twins, Ricky and Greta, to an Arts and Science Magnet School.  It’s amazing to see how fun they make science and the arts for the children while they are learning!

This past Friday, the school held it’s annual Science Fair.  They brought in birds of prey for the children to observe…

spring 2010 043

spring 2010 046

spring 2010 048

And lots of other creepy crawly critters…

spring 2010 045

spring 2010 047

spring 2010 050

spring 2010 051

They showed off some of their cool art projects…

spring 2010 059

spring 2010 057

And robots…

spring 2010 054

And we got the chance to do lots of hands-on experiments like pedal a bike to that makes light bulbs work.  Greta found out that the new energy-saving light bulbs work with very little effort on the bike versus the old standard light bulbs which use more energy…

spring 2010 064

spring 2010 065

A bubble experiment…Peter loved this one!

spring 2010 058

spring 2010 061

spring 2010 060

spring 2010 062

Greta even got to make perfume using man-made products and also using natural items found in nature like flowers!  I’m not sure I would wear the perfume she made, but she’s proud of it!

spring 2010 063

Ricky was off with his dad so I didn’t get many photos of him.  They got to go into a star lab and see the planets and stars!  It was a family fun night and we all learned something!


Stephanie @ said...

It looks like that was a really neat experience for them!

Spudsnsalsa said...

Wow, hat's off to the school for hosting what was clearly a labor intensive event! We place great emphasis on imagination and experimentation here in this house too.

Gardenia said...

what a great shcool that is. is that a real eagle? and a real alligator?

Leah Maya Benjamin said...

wow that looks awesome! I am jealous I would like to be there playing too!