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Check out my ETSY shop!!!!
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Friday, May 29, 2009


We try to create special memories with our children of the lake home we own with my parents.  I hope that someday they will look back with fond memories of the special times we have spent there!  Here are some pictures of the last time we were there over Memorial Day weekend.

Mem. Day-1166-1168 009

Here’s the house and boathouse taken from the dock.

Mem. Day-1166-1168 036

Mem. Day-1166-1168 045

Mem. Day-1166-1168 050

Mem. Day-1166-1168 059

Mem. Day-1166-1168 063

Story time with Grandma!

Mem. Day-1166-1168 075

Taylor and Greta helped make one of my favorite summer-time cakes…pineapple upside-down cake!

Mem. Day-1166-1168 083

Mem. Day-1166-1168 006

My parents had this playhouse built for all their grandchildren.  The kids love playing school and house in there!

Mem. Day-1166-1168 086

My three youngest up in the top room of the playhouse!

Mem. Day-1166-1168 071

And finally, a photo of the kittens.  They are about 4 weeks old now.  Greta wrapped up these two in a shoebox and “gave” them to me for a birthday gift!  She said I can’t return a gift so we are stuck with 2 kittens I guess!! 


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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Friday, May 22, 2009

Favorite Foto Friday

Here are a few pictures of my super hero…Ricky!  Through the years, we have all learned so much from this guy.  He is funny, patient, kind, loving and oh, such a troublemaker!!! 

Remember when your children needed you to push them on the swing all the time…before they learned how to swing by themselves?  Ricky would want me to be out pushing him all day long and I would never get anything else done.  Now suddenly he GOT IT!!!  Ricky meets each developmental goal in his own time.  He is so proud of himself and now he goes outside and can swing for hours on end…all by himself!!!  Yeah for Ricky!

swing 001

This little guy really is my hero.  Here is one of the many outfits he dresses up in each day…Superman body, inflatable upper arm muscles(used as boxing gloves), a fireman’s hat,  and although it’s hard to see in this photo he is wearing Greta’s oven mitts from her play kitchen!  Never a dull moment with Ricky around!

swing 003

The first photo above is also a favorite this week because Peter is smiling and happy and healthy again after the scare he gave us with a 30 minute long seizure last Saturday!  Have a great Memorial Day weekend…I’m celebrating my 40th birthday(again) on Monday!!

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Track and Field

We spent a fun afternoon in the sun with our first graders at Track and Field Day.  Ricky and Greta had a great time participating in all sorts of activities from hurdle races to balloon toss to seeing how many marbles they could move from one bucket filled with water to another…using their toes, to their favorite activity of all, the basketball dribble around cones(because their dad was the volunteer at this station!!).  Peter was a great cheerleader for his brother and sister.  By the way, last night was the first night that he didn’t have a fever at bedtime!  He is doing much better and getting back to his old self again!!

track and field 002

Greta was running through the soccer course.

track and field 004

Greta and her friend, Vera, showing me their missing teeth!

track and field 031

Here are some action shots of Ricky throwing lawn darts…I think he is such a natural athlete!  He did great in all the events keeping right up with all his typical-developing peers!

track and field 032

track and field 030

And some action shots of Ricky at his favorite station with his Dad! Notice Peter wanted to get in on the action too!

track and field 035

track and field 037

track and field 038

track and field 021

Peter needed a break from all the Track and Field excitement and headed over to the school playground for a while!

track and field 023

track and field 025

track and field 028

Temperatures were in the 80’s and these two boys were really overheating!  Sounds like close to 90 degrees for later today…can you believe it…this is Minnesota!!!  Have a great day and thanks for your prayers and concern for Peter!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Peter Update


Our little guy had a pretty good night once the Tylenol and Motrin kicked in and took his temperature back down to normal.  He woke up once during the night but went right back to sleep. Peter awoke to another low-grade fever this morning but again once the Motrin started to work, he is feeling and acting like himself now!  He still is weak and tired and doesn’t even have his usual huge appetite but I hope with the antibiotics for the pneumonia that he will recover soon. 

Here is a picture of Peter playing with some balloons that he got from his friend Megan yesterday.  He loves Elmo so these balloons were a huge hit!  Thank you for continuing to pray for us.  My blogging buddies are so wonderful!!  Your prayers and support mean so much to me!


Sunday, May 17, 2009

Prayers for Peter


I have never been more scared in my life as I was last night.  We had just finished dinner and were preparing to have a family movie night.  The kids love this time together and were all excited.  (Taylor and Hannah were babysitting elsewhere) As I started to make popcorn I asked Rich to get Peter on the potty.  After a minute he called me to say something was wrong.  Peter was not able to stand and his eyes were rolled back in his head.  I picked him up and his body began to have a seizure.  It was the most frightening moment of my life.  Rich immediately called 911 and it seemed to take forever for the first responder to arrive.  By this time Peter was frothing at the mouth and all I could think of was that he was dying or would be brain damaged and would never be the same again.  Within 10 minutes, the paramedics arrived and scooped up his seizing little body and rushed him to the ambulance.  There were at least 6 police cars in our yard as well.  Poor Greta was crying and saying she didn’t want Peter to die.  Ricky was such a little helper directing all the officers and paramedics into our home and telling them that his “brother was sick.” A dear friend came running over to stay in the house with our twins while we watched them work on Peter.  After about 15 minutes and several attempts to end the seizure, they needed to transport him to Children’s Hospital.  I was able to ride along in the front seat.  That is an experience I hope to never go through again but it was interesting to be flying down the highway and watching cars scatter as we road by.  Once we arrive in the E.R. his seizure finally ended…a full 30 plus minutes later.  Long story short…he gradually came around and after several tests they were unable to determine what caused the seizure and why it lasted so long.  He was admitted to 4th floor and Daddy and Hannah came to visit at 11pm. ( Grandpa and Grandma arrived and spent the night at our house.) He had just started to wake up and was excited to see them.  He and I enjoyed a lovely night with little or no sleep.  I “slept” on a rock-hard pull-out bed which sloped ever so gently towards the floor so I spent the whole night hanging on for dear life so I wouldn’t roll on the floor!! I was so relieved at 4am to wake up to Peter’s babbling and using his IV arm board as a boxing glove!  He was pretending to box the air, complete with sound effects!  Then at breakfast, he used his IV port as a microphone to sing along with Sponge Bob on the TV!!  My old Peter was back!!!!!  He was so relieved to have the IV removed from his arm and we got to enjoy the play room and walks in the hallway all morning.  By noon, he was released and is home and doing much better.  He is at a greater risk to develop future seizures.  They don’t feel there will be any lasting neurological effects from the prolonged seizure and for that we are very thankful.  Please keep Peter in your prayers.  Here are some pictures from our stay…Peter-hospital 002 

Daddy and Hannah arrived at 11pm for a quick visit.  He was just waking up.

Peter-hospital 006

Bedtime story with Big Sis!

Peter-hospital 009

Feeling better this morning and playing with toys in his crib.

Peter-hospital 013

    He even managed to pose with a “cheesy smile” early this morning! Thanks my Peter!!

Peter-hospital 021

Life is good once again…Mac and Cheese for lunch!

Peter-hospital 024

His sisters came along to help discharge him and bring their little brother home where he belongs!

Peter-hospital 025

He is “out of there!”

He is not 100% and is walking a bit unsteady since we’ve been home but he should gradually improve.  They said seizures take a huge toll on their little bodies so it will be a while before he’s 100% again.  In the meantime, I think we are all giving him extra hugs and kisses and counting our blessings to have him back home again!!!  Thanks for your prayers and kindness.

SUNDAY NIGHT UPDATE: We heard from the pediatrician that saw Peter today.  He just got the x-ray results and Peter has pneumonia.  He started on antibiotics tonight but he is so weak and tired.  Now his temperature is starting to go up again and I am afraid to put him to bed.  The Motrin doesn’t seem to be controlling it.  Please keep my little boy in your prayers…he is not out of the woods yet.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Baby Kittens

When we visit our lake home where my parents live fulltime, we get to visit our cat, Gracie.  She just had 7 kittens so my kids are so excited!  They are begging and pleading to be able to keep one or two and I am dragging my feet.  We had cats in the past and I am not sure I want to deal with the fur everywhere and the work that I always get stuck doing.  I like the arrangement we have leaving her at the lake with Grandma and Grandpa better!  Anyways, all 5 kids enjoyed holding the baby kittens and snuggling with them.  Greta cut blankets for them out of some fleece that she had so they were very content little fur balls!

kitties and craigslist 004 kitties and craigslist 016 kitties and craigslist 012

kitties and craigslist 015

kitties and craigslist 001 kitties and craigslist 002

I have to say this is the first time I have posted on my blog using Windows Live Writer and I love it so much more than my old format!  Thanks Tera for helping me figure it out!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Happy Mother's Day! Life has been so busy this past week or so and I haven't blogged in a while. I have been busy with several socks orders(thank you so much for your business!) and my oldest daughter, Taylor's confirmation this past Sunday. Plus when the weather gets nice in MN, you just have to get outside so I haven't been on my computer as much!!

Here is a sweet picture of my favorite little 2-year old loving his mommy!!
This was taken at a party at our home after confirmation last weekend. Taylor is growing up into such a nice young lady. She made us so proud at her confirmation service. She needed to answer several questions in front of the church and then talk about one Bible verse that was meaningful to her and why it was. I love you Tay!
I am so blessed to have a wonderful Christian mom who serves as a great example for her entire family. She raised her five children to know and love the Lord and I am so proud to be her daughter. Happy Mother's Day, mom!!! I know you read this blog once in a while!!! This picture was taken before Taylors confirmation. Mom doesn't like her picture taken so I don't have many!

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Saturday, May 2, 2009

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