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Friday, May 22, 2009

Favorite Foto Friday

Here are a few pictures of my super hero…Ricky!  Through the years, we have all learned so much from this guy.  He is funny, patient, kind, loving and oh, such a troublemaker!!! 

Remember when your children needed you to push them on the swing all the time…before they learned how to swing by themselves?  Ricky would want me to be out pushing him all day long and I would never get anything else done.  Now suddenly he GOT IT!!!  Ricky meets each developmental goal in his own time.  He is so proud of himself and now he goes outside and can swing for hours on end…all by himself!!!  Yeah for Ricky!

swing 001

This little guy really is my hero.  Here is one of the many outfits he dresses up in each day…Superman body, inflatable upper arm muscles(used as boxing gloves), a fireman’s hat,  and although it’s hard to see in this photo he is wearing Greta’s oven mitts from her play kitchen!  Never a dull moment with Ricky around!

swing 003

The first photo above is also a favorite this week because Peter is smiling and happy and healthy again after the scare he gave us with a 30 minute long seizure last Saturday!  Have a great Memorial Day weekend…I’m celebrating my 40th birthday(again) on Monday!!

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Mama Bear said...

ahhhh, happy birthday MOM! So glad to see Peter doing so well and Ricky is truly adorable. Love that Superman outfit! Have a great weekend.

Debbie said...

Cute pictures of the boys!! Happy Birthday to you!!


Unknown said...

Happy Bday to youuuuuuuuuuu......Ricky is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo stinkin cute..your house is full of CUTE!


Milk Mama said...

Great photos!!!! Rick and Peter are beautiful little boys! Happy Birthday!!! :D

My daughter is 2 1/2. :)

Terri said...

Happy Birthday!!! Cute pictures!

The Flores Family(Maria, Jose and Jose Luis) said...

Great pictures, hope you have a wonderful birthday!

Kim & Dave said...

He is sure a cutie!!! & such a blessing to your family, it seems!

Happy Birthday!

Gail said...

You are a blessed Mommy!!