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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Prayers for Peter


I have never been more scared in my life as I was last night.  We had just finished dinner and were preparing to have a family movie night.  The kids love this time together and were all excited.  (Taylor and Hannah were babysitting elsewhere) As I started to make popcorn I asked Rich to get Peter on the potty.  After a minute he called me to say something was wrong.  Peter was not able to stand and his eyes were rolled back in his head.  I picked him up and his body began to have a seizure.  It was the most frightening moment of my life.  Rich immediately called 911 and it seemed to take forever for the first responder to arrive.  By this time Peter was frothing at the mouth and all I could think of was that he was dying or would be brain damaged and would never be the same again.  Within 10 minutes, the paramedics arrived and scooped up his seizing little body and rushed him to the ambulance.  There were at least 6 police cars in our yard as well.  Poor Greta was crying and saying she didn’t want Peter to die.  Ricky was such a little helper directing all the officers and paramedics into our home and telling them that his “brother was sick.” A dear friend came running over to stay in the house with our twins while we watched them work on Peter.  After about 15 minutes and several attempts to end the seizure, they needed to transport him to Children’s Hospital.  I was able to ride along in the front seat.  That is an experience I hope to never go through again but it was interesting to be flying down the highway and watching cars scatter as we road by.  Once we arrive in the E.R. his seizure finally ended…a full 30 plus minutes later.  Long story short…he gradually came around and after several tests they were unable to determine what caused the seizure and why it lasted so long.  He was admitted to 4th floor and Daddy and Hannah came to visit at 11pm. ( Grandpa and Grandma arrived and spent the night at our house.) He had just started to wake up and was excited to see them.  He and I enjoyed a lovely night with little or no sleep.  I “slept” on a rock-hard pull-out bed which sloped ever so gently towards the floor so I spent the whole night hanging on for dear life so I wouldn’t roll on the floor!! I was so relieved at 4am to wake up to Peter’s babbling and using his IV arm board as a boxing glove!  He was pretending to box the air, complete with sound effects!  Then at breakfast, he used his IV port as a microphone to sing along with Sponge Bob on the TV!!  My old Peter was back!!!!!  He was so relieved to have the IV removed from his arm and we got to enjoy the play room and walks in the hallway all morning.  By noon, he was released and is home and doing much better.  He is at a greater risk to develop future seizures.  They don’t feel there will be any lasting neurological effects from the prolonged seizure and for that we are very thankful.  Please keep Peter in your prayers.  Here are some pictures from our stay…Peter-hospital 002 

Daddy and Hannah arrived at 11pm for a quick visit.  He was just waking up.

Peter-hospital 006

Bedtime story with Big Sis!

Peter-hospital 009

Feeling better this morning and playing with toys in his crib.

Peter-hospital 013

    He even managed to pose with a “cheesy smile” early this morning! Thanks my Peter!!

Peter-hospital 021

Life is good once again…Mac and Cheese for lunch!

Peter-hospital 024

His sisters came along to help discharge him and bring their little brother home where he belongs!

Peter-hospital 025

He is “out of there!”

He is not 100% and is walking a bit unsteady since we’ve been home but he should gradually improve.  They said seizures take a huge toll on their little bodies so it will be a while before he’s 100% again.  In the meantime, I think we are all giving him extra hugs and kisses and counting our blessings to have him back home again!!!  Thanks for your prayers and kindness.

SUNDAY NIGHT UPDATE: We heard from the pediatrician that saw Peter today.  He just got the x-ray results and Peter has pneumonia.  He started on antibiotics tonight but he is so weak and tired.  Now his temperature is starting to go up again and I am afraid to put him to bed.  The Motrin doesn’t seem to be controlling it.  Please keep my little boy in your prayers…he is not out of the woods yet.


Jill said...

Oh my.... that is such a scary thing.. I have tears in my eyes... Prayers that God will keep your little boy safe from harm.

Unknown said...

OMG poor boy and you!!!!! praying for him!!! I know many children that this has happened to and they never have another agian!!! SOOO scary!!!


Linda said...

I'm sorry that he (and you guys) are going through this. I will definitely keep him in my prayers. I will have to say, though, that the description of your roll-away bed had me laughing like crazy. : )


Leah Spring said...

Oh wow! Scary! I'm glad to know that he's home. I have more experience with seizures than I care to have! My ex husband had status seizures (seizures that do not stop on their own...can last for HOURS until the person stops breathing/or the heart stops) And he had a couple different types of seizures as well (complex partial, status grand mal, and nocturnal.) The first time you see one is very scary! I tended to be "fine" during the chaos of the seizure, then kind of loose it later on. Angela's seizures are complex partial, and very hard to recognize as seizures, and since starting her meds has only had 3 or 4.

Terri said...

OMG!!!! How scary!!!! I sure hope this was a one time event! Poor little Peter (and Momma!)!!!

Lisa, Bill and XingXing said...

Lynda, I'm just getting to know you but already think of you as a friend. That is a scary thing you had to experience. We will be praying for Peter and the rest of your family.

Vanessa said...

Years ago this very same thing happened to my baby brother and it has never happened again and they still have no idea why!! Truly puzzling!!

Peter is in my prayers and so is the rest of your family!

Mama Bear said...

Oh Lynda, I am so incredibly sorry and you know we just went through the same thing with Katie, fever, seizure, pneumonia. I had a hard time getting her fever to break as well. I ended up giving her alternating Motrin and Tylenol and then putting a cool washcloth on the back of her neck and rinsing it out when it got hot and it took me until 4:00 am to get her fever broken.
I can sooooooo relate with you and I swear there's nothing scarier than seeing your child like that. Makes your stomach totally drop out. I am stunned at how long it lasted. I can't tell you how much I am praying that Peter is up and running tomorrow. What a blessing.
Sending you many many many cyber hugs and lots of prayers.
blessings, Rhonda

merkley4 said...

Ohh my goodness... how scary!!!!WE will pray for your sweet baby boy!!! Get well soon handsome little man!! I have never heard of a seizure lasting that long...

Our Girls said...

I was almost crying reading your post-- I can't imagine how scary that was to watch and have your kids see and how afraid they were... I am glad they took good Care of him at Children's! ( Andrea has those same jammies)!
Poor little pumpkin.. I hope he is ok and the antibiotics get the pneumonia!

Tera said...

*sucking in breath*

I am so behind in my blog reading! Lynda...oh my goodness!! I am SO sorry that this happened to your darling little Peter! :"( How scary for you and for your entire family!! I can totally see how this would be one of the scariest moments of your life. :( Hoping and praying that Peter never has another seizure!! Poor precious sweetheart! Hugs. God bless.