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Check out my ETSY shop!!!!
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Thursday, April 30, 2009

FFF and Blog Giveaway Winners!

Here is a picture of Peter's first birthday last year. He doesn't seem like he's changed that much in one year!

Here is my big 2-year-old boy this week! He's wearing the same bib he wore at his 1st birthday...too funny!

One of the gifts he got for his birthday was this new train table and set. Ricky got a larger train table for Christmas but it's difficult for Peter to reach the trains on it. This one is just his size!
Peter had such a nice birthday and loved the cake and icecream. We went out to dinner for his birthday and they gave him a birthday ice cream sundae and sang to him. Once they started singing, he freaked out and started crying and pushed the ice cream away from himself! He is so bashful and got so upset that he was the center of attention. I wish I had my video camera was hilarious!!

I finally got around to drawing the winners for the blog giveaway today with Greta's help. The winner of the book "What's Wrong with Timmy" and the bracelet is:


And the winner of the cookbook and little floral bag is:


Congratulations to both of you. I need you to email me so I can get your addresses and get these in the mail!!

To see more FFF, to to Sarah's blog! Have a great weekend!!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Two Years Ago...

Two years ago today a 22-year-old woman gave birth to a perfect, healthy 7 pound, 8 ounce baby boy. I wonder what went through her mind as she saw him for one of the last times of her life. What a difficult decision she made to give him up for adoption to someone who could love him and care for him. I will never doubt the great love she had for him to make this decision.

At this same time, I was busy at home trying to gather all the necessary paperwork to get it ready to submit to our seemed the paperwork would never end. Finally, eleven days later it went to the adoption agency. The very day they received it they called me to say that there was a sweet little boy in Guatemala just waiting for a new mommy and daddy and would be like to see his pictures? Are you kidding!!! Of course we wanted to see this little guy! And when we saw this picture, we knew he was our son. Our entire family fell in love with him!! It wasn't until 2 months later that we were allowed to visit him for the first time!

Fast forward to today. Peter has been home with us for 15 months and we are celebrating his 2nd birthday today! I can't help but think of that brave young woman and wonder what she is thinking today. I wish I had a way to let her know that her baby boy is loved so much and has been such a blessing to our family. Maybe someday we will meet her in person. Until then I pray that she knows she made a wonderful decision for his life.

Peter is thriving and enjoying the position of baby of the family. Everyone adores him!! He and his big brother are the best of friends. Today as Peter unwraps his birthday presents I am also going to remember the special gift that we received 2 years ago when we first learned about Peter and the sacrifice his birthmom made so that we can be here with him today!!! When he's old enough, he too will know about this brave woman.

Happy Birthday my little man!!! We love you!!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Another Giveaway!!

It's been about a month since the last giveaway so it's time for another. Actually I am doing two prizes for two lucky readers of my blog this week! I love following blogs of people that have something in common with me. The majority of the blogs I read are #1-People who have special children like my Ricky with an extra chromosone..."Designer Genes"!!! and #2-People who have adopted internationally like we did to bring Peter home. So in honor of those "themes" I am giving away the following prizes:

The book by Maria Shriver entitled "What's Wrong with Timmy?" All children ask questions that are difficult to answer. What is the best response when a child points out that a disabled child or adult looks and acts "different"? How can a parent talk about differences while emphasizing the things all people have in common? In this book, remarkable for its sensitivity and generosity of spirit, Shriver uses her storytelling and art to provide some answers.

In addition, the winner of this drawing will receive a beautiful blue bracelet with inlaid stones and gold paint.

Drawing/Prize package #2 includes this new cookbook entitled "Kitchen Fiesta" which is a collection of recipes by Across All Borders. If you didn't get a chance to buy one while they were being sold as a fundraiser, now is your chance to win one!!

Included in this prize package is this adorable bag/purse with flowers embroidered on the front and drawstrings to close it. The size is approxiamtely 11" x 9".

Okay, so here is all you have to do to enter: leave me feedback telling me which prize you would prefer! That's it!! We will draw 2 winners on Thursday!

Anyone can enter...not just those who have adopted or have children with special needs! Both of these prizes would be great for anyone! The first book is one that could be read to any child who wonders about the differences between some children. And the cookbook has great recipes that anyone would love to make...some ethnic recipes and many American-type foods!

Good luck and thanks for stopping by today.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


"ME" with my sweet hubby!
"ME" and my girls!
"ME" and my little guy!

Okay, I feel bad, I can't find a picture on this computer of me and my Ricky boy! I know I have plenty but can't find one right now. I am usually the one taking the pictures so there is seldom just a photo with me alone. I do that purposely!!! I really don't like pictures of myself!!

To see other FFF, go to Sarah's blog. Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Speech Concerns-Update

I called our school district's early childhood education department. We are very familiar with their awesome services as Ricky had been seen by them since the age of two weeks old!! The same speech therapist that worked with Ricky from birth until he started preschool came to our home yesterday to assess Peter.

Based on what I told her about him using only around 4 recognizable words and what she observed of him, she said he is NOT eligible for speech therapy at this time. She told me that as long as he is attempting to say words, he is doing fine! He is only able to say "ba" and "da" for most words we ask him to repeat!! She will however, give me some exercises I can do to help his speech along. We can request another speech evaluation in the late summer/early fall if he's still not talking by then. Of course, we can always pay for private speech therapy. I don't think there are any issues with his hearing but will have that assessed at his 2-year old check-up that is coming soon. In the meantime, we will keep doing what we are doing to encourage him to talk. He is starting to get so frustrated when he can't communicate. Other than his speech, this little guy is doing amazingly well! He understands everything, knows where everything belongs, is doing well on potty training, and is just a super sweet kid all the way around!!

Wordless Wednesday


Monday, April 20, 2009

The "S" Word and More Hockey!

My Ricky is such a character! He has an amazing sense of humor and is so quick to come up with funny things. This morning when I went in his bedroom he and Peter were quietly playing...okay, that is unusual for them to play quietly!!! Ricky told me that his Teddy Bear was in a time-out for saying the "S" word. Where does he come up with this stuff!!?? I asked him what the "S" word was and he said "stupid!" My kids know that I don't like them saying stupid or shut-up...the other "s" word you may be thinking of is not even one they ever heard before so that wasn't the issue! I thought it was so funny that he would call it the "s" word and not say it because he knew I don't approve of that word! He was just incorporating this into his imaginative play. His poor Teddy was in big trouble! I just love my Ricky boy!!!
I don't write much about my sweet husband on here very often. Rich just returned from 4 days in Florida where he competed in a national hockey tournament. He has been training for this for months and has lost 35 pounds while training and playing hockey almost every day! He says he is in better shape than he has been in years! Anyway, his team took second place! He was somewhat disappointed as they were the #1 team going into the final game. They played against former NHL players and won them! We are proud of him for his second place!

I added a few more sock samples to my other blog. Stop over and check out the latest for spring!

I have another good giveaway coming up next week so be sure to stop back often! Have a great Monday!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Anyone recognize this bathroom? Grand Tikal in Guatemala City. This was taken the very first time we visited Peter. He was in great need of a bath so we used the sink. He wasn't thrilled about being "wet" but he cleaned up so nicely!!
Peter's baptism in February 2008. He didn't mind getting his hair "wet!"
My husband loves waterskiing at our lake home in Western Wisconsin.
What's a hot summer day without getting "wet" and enjoying a popsycle!!

Since the weather has been so nice in MN, I have been negligent in my blogging! We have waited so long for warm weather so it's hard being inside on these great days! I still check on all my blogging buddies each day and love hearing how you're doing!

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Monday, April 13, 2009

Weekend Pictures

Easter morning after church. Spring has FINALLY come to Minnesota!!
Brotherly love....
On Saturday, we colored Easter eggs. My kids all hate hard-boiled eggs so we didn't do many this year. It's more of a tradition, but not something they want to eat afterwards!
On Saturday morning we had an Easter egg hunt in our yard with my sister and her 5 kids. They all had such a great time but the Easter bunny hid some so well that we are still missing 14 candy-filled eggs somewhere in the yard!!(that's what you get when you hide a few hundred eggs!!)
For the past few years, we have done an egg hunt with some neighbors. This year it was on Thursday.

My kids are certainly on a sugar high with all the egg hunts they had...we did one at church on Sunday morning as well! The Easter Bunny came to our house and left baskets filled with toys, clothes and games for all the children. We spent the day with my parents and had a wonderful dinner. Peter really seemed to enjoy all the excitement of Easter this year and got into the egg hunts. Last Easter he was only 11 months so he really didn't participate much!

We took the time to reflect about the real meaning of this Easter celebration with our children through out the weekend. I hope your holiday weekend was blessed with God's love!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009


These pictures were taken a few years ago. I had used my old camera so the picture quality isn't the best but I still just LOVE my little man doing what he loves to do outside! Don't you just love how he screws his face up to achieve just the perfect bubble??!! Ricky is such a joy and a blessing!! I wouldn't want him any other way but just the way he is...lovable and sweet(and sassy and naughty...but we'll save that for another day, another post)!!!

If you haven't read my previous post, please do so and visit my friend, Mary, a fellow GuateMama who just started a line of Boutique-Quality Children's Clothing. Her business is called Made Especially For You. The clothing is great and the prices are reasonable!

To see more FFF, go to Sarah's blog. Have a wonderful Easter weekend!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


An exciting new At-Home Business: A boutique clothing line.... without the expensive prices!!
These outfits are from a Guatemama who just started her own home business. I LOVE the ruffle pants on this 2-piece outfit!!
She made Greta this sundress with two coordinating fabrics. Then I ordered a matching bow from Holly G's Kick Ass Bows!
Of course, no outfit is complete without a matching pair of socks from Sox That Rock!!
Greta loves this outfit in the colder months, and it looks so cute with matching tights. The skirt is layered with coordinating fabrics and matching turtleneck!
Here is another of Greta's favorite outfits that was made for her. The shirt has a cute bow when tied in the back!

My friend Mary adopted two beautiful little girls from Guatemala. Peter and her daughter, Marayna, were in the same foster home for 3 months. Mary recently started up a small home business. Here are some of the outfits she made for Greta. She does great work and her prices are so reasonable!! Please stop by her blog, Made Especially For You! You won't be disappointed!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Wordless Wednesday-"Toothless Twins!"

Speech Concerns

I am in the process of having Peter screened through our school district. His speech, or lack of it, has me a little concerned. He is only able to say 4 words: mama, dada, byebye, and nigh nigh(for goodnight). Any other words he attempts to say are not always clear. For "yes" he says "ah", for "no" he says "mo". I am not concerned about him not hearing well as I am pretty sure he hears normally but I am sure that will be checked. He understands EVERYTHING and can follow multi-task instructions quite well. He is not able to repeat words that we say to him. He says alot of Ba's and Da's!

I guess I have no real experience in what is normal for speech in boys, especially when they were adopted from a foreign country. My girls all spoke early and very clearly and Ricky, well, Ricky has Down syndrome so his speech came at a typical time for kids like him. His speech is actually quite clear compared to others in his class with DS!!

Does anyone else have experience with this? Am I just over-reacting? Will his speech come eventually or will he need therapy? I'd welcome your comments!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Spring has come to Minnesota...NOT!!!

Here is what we woke up to today! After having a few days in the 60's in March, we are ready for some warm weather like you see in those pictures from my previous post!! This is a small pond in our side yard.
Here is a picture taken out my kitchen window. We love to watch the ducks and geese in the pond all spring. They are out there today although you can't see them in the photo. Brrr!

On a positive note, today is the start of Holy Week and is Palm Sunday. We have so much to be thankful for! Have a blessed day!

Thursday, April 2, 2009


This was taken on our most recent trip to Jamaica. We love this island and have been here 4 times!
Not exactly the beach but this was from a vacation in Orlando, Florida, a few months before we went to pick up Peter in Guatemala.
This is a great photo of our lake home in Western WI. We spend lots of time here in the summer. Although the water appears green in this photo, it is a spring-fed super clean lake!!
This was taken on a trip to St. Maarten.
Another shot of the beach in St. Maarten.

We LOVE to travel and are so blessed to be able to take great family vacations on a regular basis! My favorite vacation was one that Rich and I went on alone. It was to Athens, Greece. What a romantic, beautiful country Greece is. We had the most awesome dinner right on the water and then talked a boat owner into taking us on our own private excursion of the Greek harbor. The best beach I have ever been to was in Aruba!

Have a great weekend! Stop over to my socks blog and see the latest Easter/spring socks! To see more FFF, go to Sarah's blog.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

And the Winner(s) Are.....

Kim of Katelyn's Korner!! Congratulations!! Looks like Katelyn will be sporting a new tutu shirt very soon!

I have decided to draw THREE more names and give those 3 people a prize as well! No, this is no April Fools joke!! The following people will each receive a pair of ruffle socks of their choosing valued at $5.00!!!

Winner #1.....Tink's Mom

Winner #2.....Terri

Winner #3.....Frenzied Homemaker

Thank you to all that entered this giveaway. Please check back often for more fun giveaways. Also, I would LOVE the business if you or anyone you know would like some SOX THAT ROCK!