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Thursday, April 2, 2009


This was taken on our most recent trip to Jamaica. We love this island and have been here 4 times!
Not exactly the beach but this was from a vacation in Orlando, Florida, a few months before we went to pick up Peter in Guatemala.
This is a great photo of our lake home in Western WI. We spend lots of time here in the summer. Although the water appears green in this photo, it is a spring-fed super clean lake!!
This was taken on a trip to St. Maarten.
Another shot of the beach in St. Maarten.

We LOVE to travel and are so blessed to be able to take great family vacations on a regular basis! My favorite vacation was one that Rich and I went on alone. It was to Athens, Greece. What a romantic, beautiful country Greece is. We had the most awesome dinner right on the water and then talked a boat owner into taking us on our own private excursion of the Greek harbor. The best beach I have ever been to was in Aruba!

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Unknown said...

ohhh very very pretty beach photos..ONE day i hope to go to a bright blue beach!!!

Rebekah said...

Oh Lynda - I want to become a part of your family ... PLEEZE! I love the photos and it looks like the kids all have a blast ... and how lucky are you to have a lake home ... well I guess since we live on Prior Lake we have one too technically speaking ... Oh and I will email you back this weekend about the light(s) ... and the colors ... I can make any design you'd like since I use glass stains to paint the blocks ...

Have a great weekend!

oh and LOVE the Easter Socks ... too bad Charlotte's feet are too tiny for those!

Hugs from Prior Lake!
Rebekah and the girls!

TrekkerT said...

I would love to you as a guest blogger for my family travel website! It would be wonderful to have detailed reviews about these places you go :)

Jenelle said...

Beautiful pictures! I have only been on one beach vacation in my whole life, and I so want to go on more. We always go to the mountains, which I love, too, but there's just something about the ocean. :)

Melinda said...

Want to adopt me too??!! Great beach pics...the water is so beautiful!!


Katrina said...

We never took vacations when we were kids because we had too much to do on the farm. I am making sure my kids have experiences I never had...they love the beach! Love the pics of your family!!

Mariah Thompson said...

Sounds like you have a lot of fun on your vacations. Those beaches are beautiful! Why can't we have that sun in Minnesota? Now I really want to go to Aruba. Oh and thanks for commenting on my blog! :)

Leah Maya Benjamin said...

Thanks so much for coming over to our blog and leaving such a nice comment. We would also like to be adopted into your family those look like such nice warm vacations and the beach is my favorite. We have a frined of the family that had I believe the same diagnosis as you, he already had 1 child, so they adopted 1 more but had no problem having 2 more (1 of them is also special needs) its just amazing what your body can do after going thru a diagnosis and meds. I love your blog and come visit us anytime.

Kim said...

IT all looks so heavenly! I love to travel too. Can't wait to do more of it soon!

Arena Mom said...

Hello! Thanks for hte comment on my blog!! Great beach pictures!! I didn't see a timeline on your blog...when did your son come home?

Mama Bear said...

Oh my gosh, we've talked about about going to Greece and went to Italy instead but I am still wanting to go to Greece. You'll have to tell me all about it sometime. It is awesome that the kids get to enjoy that special family time. Loved the pictures.