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Thursday, April 16, 2009


Anyone recognize this bathroom? Grand Tikal in Guatemala City. This was taken the very first time we visited Peter. He was in great need of a bath so we used the sink. He wasn't thrilled about being "wet" but he cleaned up so nicely!!
Peter's baptism in February 2008. He didn't mind getting his hair "wet!"
My husband loves waterskiing at our lake home in Western Wisconsin.
What's a hot summer day without getting "wet" and enjoying a popsycle!!

Since the weather has been so nice in MN, I have been negligent in my blogging! We have waited so long for warm weather so it's hard being inside on these great days! I still check on all my blogging buddies each day and love hearing how you're doing!

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Sarah said...

LOVE all the wet themed pictures... but that sink picture is priceless!

Unknown said...

LOVE that first pic!! We gave abby a bath on our visit trip when she was 3 months old AND WOW she looked and im sure sounded just like peter!!!YIKES! lol

Love summer pics!

P.S the pics of the boys was last summer in Outer Banks area in NC! GREAT BEACH!

Kim & Dave said...

Great pics-especially the first one of the bath in the hotel!

Kim said...

I'm SO excited it is FINALLY nice out! Hope it lasts the rest of the spring!

Leah Maya Benjamin said...

Great pictures, of course the first one, is great, porr boy doens't look like he was thrilled!

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Melinda said...

That first pic brings back so many memories of Crista's first bath in Guatemala. She screamed so loudly I was afraid they'd come and take her back!


Katrina said...

I know my boys are loving the nice weather here. I'm sure your kids are loving it too! Love the first pic of Peter!

Terri said...

What a sweet picture of Peter in the sink! I have several of those kind of pics from the Grang Tikal as well.

enjoy your weekend with the nice weather!

Mama Bear said...

Those are such awesome "wet" pictures. I just didn't get the chance to sit and find all of ours but I so enjoyed seeing yours. Thanks for sharing.