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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Speech Concerns-Update

I called our school district's early childhood education department. We are very familiar with their awesome services as Ricky had been seen by them since the age of two weeks old!! The same speech therapist that worked with Ricky from birth until he started preschool came to our home yesterday to assess Peter.

Based on what I told her about him using only around 4 recognizable words and what she observed of him, she said he is NOT eligible for speech therapy at this time. She told me that as long as he is attempting to say words, he is doing fine! He is only able to say "ba" and "da" for most words we ask him to repeat!! She will however, give me some exercises I can do to help his speech along. We can request another speech evaluation in the late summer/early fall if he's still not talking by then. Of course, we can always pay for private speech therapy. I don't think there are any issues with his hearing but will have that assessed at his 2-year old check-up that is coming soon. In the meantime, we will keep doing what we are doing to encourage him to talk. He is starting to get so frustrated when he can't communicate. Other than his speech, this little guy is doing amazingly well! He understands everything, knows where everything belongs, is doing well on potty training, and is just a super sweet kid all the way around!!


Unknown said...

Great news on Peter..In his own time! Now i wish my abby would start using the potty...LOL


Leah Maya Benjamin said...

That is really frusterating, I hope you gets it on his own, sometimes boys are a bit slow, then they start and you wish that maybe you hadn't wished so hard. Hang in there.

Mama Bear said...

WHAT?????????????????????? I would tell EEI that you want a second private opinion. They did that stuff to me with Katie and regretted it after they found out they were WRONG. Both girls are making huge progress with one on one speech through the school. If the second opinion said ok, then I'd see what happpens when he turns 3. STAY in touch with me!!!!
I've been meaning to answer your letter but I have to tell you we've had group home issues and then I've hardly sat at the computer as I've been totally and utterly exhausted evidently due to the inflammation of my fusion......... ugh........ Thinking of you and sending big cyber hugs.

Jill said...

THANK YOU for the update. I was checking back often to hear. I will let you know about Mario..he is 2 yrs 1 month, and he is attempting to say lots of words, so that really helped calm my nerves. Please keep me updated on your sweet boy.

Loving the pics of your kids... and YOU above! :-)