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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Another Giveaway!!

It's been about a month since the last giveaway so it's time for another. Actually I am doing two prizes for two lucky readers of my blog this week! I love following blogs of people that have something in common with me. The majority of the blogs I read are #1-People who have special children like my Ricky with an extra chromosone..."Designer Genes"!!! and #2-People who have adopted internationally like we did to bring Peter home. So in honor of those "themes" I am giving away the following prizes:

The book by Maria Shriver entitled "What's Wrong with Timmy?" All children ask questions that are difficult to answer. What is the best response when a child points out that a disabled child or adult looks and acts "different"? How can a parent talk about differences while emphasizing the things all people have in common? In this book, remarkable for its sensitivity and generosity of spirit, Shriver uses her storytelling and art to provide some answers.

In addition, the winner of this drawing will receive a beautiful blue bracelet with inlaid stones and gold paint.

Drawing/Prize package #2 includes this new cookbook entitled "Kitchen Fiesta" which is a collection of recipes by Across All Borders. If you didn't get a chance to buy one while they were being sold as a fundraiser, now is your chance to win one!!

Included in this prize package is this adorable bag/purse with flowers embroidered on the front and drawstrings to close it. The size is approxiamtely 11" x 9".

Okay, so here is all you have to do to enter: leave me feedback telling me which prize you would prefer! That's it!! We will draw 2 winners on Thursday!

Anyone can enter...not just those who have adopted or have children with special needs! Both of these prizes would be great for anyone! The first book is one that could be read to any child who wonders about the differences between some children. And the cookbook has great recipes that anyone would love to make...some ethnic recipes and many American-type foods!

Good luck and thanks for stopping by today.


Linda said...

I would love to have the book by Maria Shriver but the cookbook looks interesting as well-I love cooking and I haven't tried a new recipe in a while! Hugs!

Terri said...

What a great give away again! What fun!!!

Vanessa said...

The cookbook sounds interesting since I'm looking at trying to have a fundraiser dinner for Project Santa in Guatemala!! I would however, be thrilled just to win either of them!!

Tim and Jenny said...

My Ellie would LOVE Maria Shriver's book!

Unknown said...

OMG you are sooo sweet!!!! Well they all 3 look AMAZING! My BFF has a two year old son with DS and he is just a dollbaby so im going to say the book!


Mama Bear said...

Oh Lynda, I have always said you just rock girl! I do have the older son with special needs and God has indeed blessed us with two girls born in Guatemalala. I am thnking I would enjoy either of the prizes!!! You are way too sweet!

Leah Spring said...

Oh me me me! I love all the items, but I particularly like the bracelet! As you know, we have "The Queen" here, who has a little extra, and we're still working on the international thing. We probably won't be adopting though. (at least I haven't yet convinced my husband that's what the plan is. LOL) but we ARE getting the paperwork done to host orphans on medical visas!

Leah Maya Benjamin said...

What a great giveaway! I love books. I am not a good cook and hope that hopefuly my daughter might be better at it. I had wanted to cook something for her family day celebration but decided she was 2 years old and going out for mexican food was close enough, next year she would appreciate helping me cook more. So if we are chosen we would love the cookbook

Stockpiling Mom said...

Love them BOTH! I would choose the cookbook if I had too! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

cpullum said...

The cookbook I love cooking recipes!!!

Anonymous said...

I like both. The bag is really cute


Kim said...

Ooooh Lynda! I LOVE a good cookbook! Sounds great!