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Monday, April 20, 2009

The "S" Word and More Hockey!

My Ricky is such a character! He has an amazing sense of humor and is so quick to come up with funny things. This morning when I went in his bedroom he and Peter were quietly playing...okay, that is unusual for them to play quietly!!! Ricky told me that his Teddy Bear was in a time-out for saying the "S" word. Where does he come up with this stuff!!?? I asked him what the "S" word was and he said "stupid!" My kids know that I don't like them saying stupid or shut-up...the other "s" word you may be thinking of is not even one they ever heard before so that wasn't the issue! I thought it was so funny that he would call it the "s" word and not say it because he knew I don't approve of that word! He was just incorporating this into his imaginative play. His poor Teddy was in big trouble! I just love my Ricky boy!!!
I don't write much about my sweet husband on here very often. Rich just returned from 4 days in Florida where he competed in a national hockey tournament. He has been training for this for months and has lost 35 pounds while training and playing hockey almost every day! He says he is in better shape than he has been in years! Anyway, his team took second place! He was somewhat disappointed as they were the #1 team going into the final game. They played against former NHL players and won them! We are proud of him for his second place!

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Unknown said...

Your Ricky is soooooo sweet and he's right teddy was BAD! lol

Congrats to your hubby!!! I might need to take up hockey to shed my 10extra pounds i gained over the winter! lol


Sarah J. said...

That is SOOOO cute about the 's' word! It's amazing what kids come up with! It's like seriously, where do they get this stuff? I wish I knew what is going on in their heads half the time!

Terri said...

WOW!! That is awesome about your husband! I'm impressed!!! We're hockey fans so I know how much training he must of did! Great job Rich!!!

Ricky is so cute! That was a funny story!

Mama Bear said...

wooohooo, way to go hubby!!!! I so love the story of the teddy bear. It's amazing how much the kids pick up listening when you think they aren't!!! I find that even with my 20 year old!!!