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Check out my ETSY shop!!!!
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Friday, April 9, 2010


Seriously…has it already been a week since I last posted??  Sorry…

We had a wonderful peaceful Easter with just my parents here.  The youth group served a wonderful pancake breakfast at church and then we enjoyed a great Easter service followed by a glorious sunny warm day!

I tried so many times to get at least ONE nice picture of the kids but there was always someone with a goofy look on their face or someone looking off to the side and not at the camera!

spring-2010 001

spring-2010 005

spring-2010 006

spring-2010 017

With Grandma…

spring-2010 023

spring-2010 032

I won’t even post the ones of me…they were pretty bad too!!

My favorite photo, though, from this past week is of my niece, Gabby, whom I got the opportunity to babysit for on Tuesday.  She is my little model for my Etsy shop and what a beautiful model she is!!

socks-spring 159

socks-spring 160

socks-spring 181

socks-spring 179

Her big sister, Ava, is a pretty cute little model too!!

socks-spring 032

socks-spring 015

socks-spring 040

To see more FFF, please go to Hannah’s blog!  Have a wonderful weekend….


Gardenia said...

great photos of your kiddos. we had fun dying eggs here too. and your nieces are beauties ! love the hats on Ava.

Kim & Dave said...

What cutie moddles you have!

I love your Easter pics-makes mine seem more "normal!"

Hannah said...

LOVE your pictures. I especially love the one of the kids and grandma. That is great!

Melinda said...

Great Easter pictures! You have the sweetest family!! And those models of yours are too precious :-)

vaneblu said...

Great pictures :)
Your models and work are too cute!

Leah Maya Benjamin said...

great pictures, I like them all behing the tree peeking thru the V, cute cute little models!

monica said...

hi! great pictures! your family is so sweet.. :)