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Check out my ETSY shop!!!!
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Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Where does the time go??? It was three years ago that we were in Guatemala City bringing our little man more having to leave him behind when we visited!!

Peter was 4 months here when my girls and I visited him in GC.
This picture was taken by his foster mom around 7 months.
He finally came HOME at 9 months!!
 This was his FIRST Forever Family Day!

Each year we celebrate the day that Peter OFFICIALLY joined his forever family.  This year he wanted this giant cookie.  He had a special date with his daddy and they went out to dinner.  Then we watched home movies of our visits to Guatemala and our pick-up trip.  Peter was fascinated with the videos of himself as a baby and his native country!  Can't wait to take him back there some day!

In honor of his forever family day, I am giving away a set of 7 hair bows from my etsy shop!  All you have to do is go to my Sox That Rock Facebook page and leave Peter a comment...he will draw a winner tomorrow!
Life continues to be busy and fun at our household!  We still have our foster baby, Little Miss S!  She is 5 months already and has been with us since 23 days old.  The plan is for her to return to her mommy and daddy this month so we are already grieving for the time when she has to leave us.  She is an amazing sweet baby and we will miss her so much.  I am not sure if my heart can handle doing foster care but I am sure we will jump back into it again once she leaves us.  

But before we take any more children into our home, I NEED a vacation from this cold and snow!!!  Rich and I are hoping to get away to somewhere HOT...just the 2 of us!!

What about you...any plans for a warm weather vacation? 

How about any of you with Guatemalan do you celebrate their Forever Family Days?


Gretchen said...

What a handsome boy!! Congratulations big guy! I would say you picked a great cake for the special day...YUM!

Vacation to somewhere warm...sounds brilliant! For just too of you...even more ingenious!

Spudsnsalsa said...

Family Day= a special mention and a extra big hug...their birthdays are the big celebration.

Florida for spring break.

And that bottom left bow 'reads' Guatemala to me?!?!?! I'll send pics of the cortes and see if that kind of ribbon comes in coordinating colors!

Gardenia said...

happy forever day to peter. how wonderful. I love the flashback pictures. he is a dollsie. we just got a huge dumping of snow here, and that certainly makes us wish for a warm vacation.