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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Welcome to Spring!

Yesterday there was NO SNOW left in our yard.  Today we woke up to 6+ inches and it's still coming down.  Under all that snow is a nice thick layer of ice too!  I know this is Minnesota but seriously...this has been one of the longest worst winters that I can remember!  Many Minnesota schools are cancelled today and we are ON SPRING BREAK!!! Bummer...we were hoping to do some fun OUTDOOR stuff during break...I didn't think shoveling out our driveway would be one of those FUN items!!!

We usually take at least one warm-weather vacation during the winter and this year it didn't happen as we still had our little foster baby and didn't want to leave her with another foster family while we left!  When you do get away somewhere warm, it helps to endure the rest of the winter.  On a positive note, my boys are loving the snow again!!


Kristin said...

We had a spring snowstorm last week - luckily it was melted by the next day! I'm done with winter, too.

nora said...

I am so done with the snow. For the first time ever I went on two seperate warm weather trips (yes, Mahtomedi HS was there in Costa Rica) and I still can't stomach it.

TanyaLea said...

Feeling your pain, my friend! I thought after the warm weather we had this past weekend, that we were surely done with snow for the season. No such luck! Our kids are home today, too. My hubby got up at 4 pm to get 'ahead' of traffic for work and said the interstate was packed all the way into work. Was lucky to drive up to 40mph the whole way in.

Thankfully our spring break isn't until next week, but still... wish we were flying away to some place WARM!

On a positive note, at least it's pretty and the kids are excited to play in it. But not half as excited as they are for shorts weather and green grass!

Gardenia said...

I love snow so I would love another snow storm ! oh how wonderful that you still have your little girlie baby.