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Friday, May 21, 2010

FFF-“That’s What Friends Are For”


Today’s theme is friendship.  For the most part, I think my kids all have pretty nice friends.  It’s easy to guide them towards nice kids while they are young but as they become teenagers, it gets a little tougher influencing who they “hang out” with!  We’ve been lucky with some great friends that stick by our children through thick and thin!

Greta’s friends have seemed to multiply since we put up the trampoline! At least I know where my kids are hanging out though!

spring 2010 124

spring 2010 125

Ricky has some great friends who have been in school with him since age 3! Mark and Ricky played together earlier this week at our house…

spring 2010 118

spring 2010 121

These two are the best buddies of all! I was just noticing that there is almost always a hockey stick in every picture we take!!  We are a hockey family…even in the summer!!

spring 2010 116

Peter, being the youngest one who is stuck at home with mom day in and day out, doesn’t have many opportunities to play with friends.  He’s excited even to play “house” when little girls come over to our home!

spring 2010 033

Taylor and a sweet friend after having her hair and makeup done at a sleepover last weekend…

Christinas Birthday Party!! 034

More of Greta’s buddies…

Greta's 8th B-Day 002

These three muskateers are all in Special Olympics Track and Field together!

3 muskateers

This hilarious picture was taken last summer at our lake home…Ari(right) is their cousin and one of Hannah’s very best friends!  The girls were having a fashion show for us and came up with this silly pose!!

4th of July 2009 029

Another of Hannah’s friends…

Paris 2009 034

And of course, my very best friend of all, Rich…this was taken in Paris last summer.

Paris 2009 161

Hop on over to Hannah’s blog to see more FFF!


Leah Maya Benjamin said...

what wonderful friends! I worry about the choice of friends when Maya gets older, but just hope that she keeps the nice ones. Like you beter to have them at your house, I might have to get a trampoline when she gets older.......

Melinda said...

My favorite pic is the one of the 3 girls playing dress up! Too cute!! Have a fabulous weekend!!

Gardenia said...

great pics. your kiddos have great friends.

nora said...

My mom got a trampoline for us when we were in high school (much to the chagrin of the neighbors) and I think it certainly served its purpose - including sleeping over under it!

Sweet pictures of your kiddos! Zoo soon?

One Busy Momma said...

Looks like you have all the toys!!!!!

It's great that soo many kids like to come over and play! You must be the "cool" house in the neighborhood!

Hannah said...

You guys have cute friends!! LOVE the dress up picture, that is adorable!

vaneblu said...

wonderful pics, childhood friendships are great memories :) even better if they stick around!

Terri said...

It looks like the kids have wonderful friends and they have tons of fun together!

Kim & Dave said...

I am so thankful as our oldest reaches that "pre-teen" stage that she has great friends, too!

Loved all your pics!

Emily said...

Friends are fabulous! Great photos!