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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

85 and Sunny!

What a difference a day makes! Today we woke up to the weather we know and love in Jamaica! Hot and humid and the sun is back again! It's a beautiful day and we are enjoying it at the pool and beach. The kids are having a great time in the Kid's Activities with our nanny, Taydean. Rich and I are enjoying hanging out at the pool..he in the shade and me baking in the sun! Our frosty-the-snowman winter white skin is not used to this hot burning sun so we are using lots of sunscreen and taking lots of breaks from the sun! With Rich having 2 bouts with skin cancer, we don't need to take any chances with our skin!

It is so nice to get away from the stresses of everyday life and really enjoy a simpler slower pace down here in the Carribbean. I wish you could hear the lapping of the waves on the beach right outside our balcony. We are so blessed to get away and God is so good to us! I do miss my boys terribly but know that they are having fun with Grandma and Grandpa and Ricky is thrilled to be going to school, bless his studious little heart!! Peter is doing good at potty training for Grandma too. I wasn't sure if he would do it for her but he's doing good...not all the time but at least several times a day he uses the potty! If only he would start talking so he could communicate better with us when he has to go!

If you ever have an opportunity to take a vacation down here, please consider this resort: Franklyn D. Resort outside Ocho Rios. Once you pay the room rate, EVERYTHING is included and we don't pay for anything, INCLUDING our wonderful nanny who takes such good care of our children. I think this is the only resort in the Carribbean that includes your own personal nanny for just your family from 9-5 each day. If you choose to hire her for the evening so you and your spouse can eat at one of the adult-only restaurants here at the resort, the nanny is available to stay after for only $4 per hour. I didn't think I would have the kids go with the nanny as much this time (last time we were here was 6 years ago so we used them alot then) but she is so much fun for them to be around and knows all the fun things to do. They really love being with her and we are really enjoying getting to know her as we talk to her about the culture and lifestyle of Jamaicans.

Blessings to all!

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Mama Bear said...

How fun is that. I'm sooo jealous~!!!!!!