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Check out my ETSY shop!!!!
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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

We're home and other random rambling!

We made it home safely this past Saturday night and spent the next few days trying to get caught up on everything around the house. I couldn't believe all the dirty laundry I had! It took me two days to get it all done!! It was such a wonderful vacation and we feel so blessed to have had this opportunity to relax and re-charge our batteries. We all missed the boys so much and I posted their pictures here since we had so many of the girls over the past week...equal opportunity!

The hockey season is FINALLY winding down!! Hannah has been in hockey since the middle of October...that is way too long of a season for any sport if you ask me. She should be done after next weekend. Greta's season is over soon too although she will play one more weekend in March. Then spring soccer starts for her.

I have a sweet friend in New York who adopted a beautiful Guatemalan baby this past year. Our children were actually in the same foster home for about 3 months until we brought Peter home. Mary is starting a home business and does beautiful sewing of adorable children's clothing. Please check out her site .

Also, go to my socks blog and check out this month's shipping on any order!


merkley4 said...

Thank you Lynda!! I linked your sox that rock on my new site! I hope that you don't mind!!

Mama Bear said...

Thanks Lynda. I am loving the socks we got!!! You rock!!! Well so do the KIDS!!

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