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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Morning At the Zoo!

Peter and I spent the morning at the MN Zoo. He loved it!! I have been so bad about renewing our annual membership so he's never even been there before. When the twins were infants, I would take them at least once a month. Now that I got another membership, we will go there more! The zoo is so nice as they have lots of indoor exhibits when it's cold out so we will have lots to see even in the winter months.

Peter especially loved the monkeys...doesn't every kid??!! We also spent alot of time at the dolphin tank, the shark exhibit and watching the fresh water fish. I was so disappointed to find out that the dolphin show hasn't been going on since August as they are introducing new dolphins to the pod and one is expecting a baby any day. That was always the highlight of every visit for my kids (and me)!

By the time we went to the bird show, Peter was all zoo-d out! The beauty of a membership is that you can go for just a few hours and don't feel like you need to get your money's worth staying a long time. We even met a little girl that is also from Guatemala and was Peter's age! Alice was adorable!

Well, off to start my corned beef and cabbage in the crock pot! Since the kids won't like it, I bought a shamrock-shaped pizza for them at Papa Murphy's! Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!


lmt1073 said...

Ahh, the closest zoo we have is in New Orleans. It's a nice zoo. We are going to San Antonio this summer so that I can take my kids to the zoo there. I visited often as a child and want the kids to experience the same. It will be Addy's first trip to the zoo!

And a shamrock shaped pizza??? How cool!

Terri said...

Same here! Corn beef and cabbage in the crock pot!
Happy St Patty's Day!

Very cute pictures!