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Saturday, March 21, 2009

World Down Syndrome Day

Ricky is such a blessing to our family! When he was first born we had so many questions and wondered what his life held in store for him. We were afraid of all that he couldn't do. As time went on, we realized that he was very capable of doing everything that other children do...sometimes a little later than them, but always accomplishing the same milestones. It was really helpful for him to be a twin so he could learn from watching Greta do things. He even met some milestones before her!! It also allowed us as parents to realize just how much he was capable of doing when he kept up pretty closely with his twin sister.

When he was little, I thought about his Down syndrome alot, worried alot, and was fearful at times for his future. Now, however, I seldom think of him in terms of his Down syndrome. He's just another one of my 5 special kids, all with unique traits and qualities. He seems to me to be a typical 7 year old boy, who just happens to have an extra chromosome! He is so smart, so athletic, and so funny. He has tons of friends at school from his special ed. class and his regular 1st grade class. He gets invited to lots of birthday parties and the other children just accept him for who he is. I really don't think some of them even know he has special needs! He's just sweet (sometimes sassy) Ricky, everybody's friend!

Today we celebrate that 3rd chromosome on the 21st pair, hence the date of this special occasion...3-21-09!! We love reading blogs of others with special kids like our Ricky. Thanks for stopping by our blog. Have a great weekend AND...

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Unknown said...

What an amazing story you have...and I am so thankful you proved those doctors wrong. Ricky is so CUTE!!! What a blessing. Thank you for coming to my blog...I love meeting new people that have the same gift as ours! :) We would love for you to make Preslie socks...thank you so much for offering!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, we do have lots in common. You have a very lovely family. Happy DS Day!!!

Terri said...

I didn't realize Ricky was a twin! Cool!!!
He sure is a cutie along with your other children!

Unknown said...

We just attached a handle we had in our garage. I think it's an old stairwell handle. Works great!

valmg said...

Found you through 5Min.
I have 2 sons, my youngest has Down Syndrome.
It's great to read that your son is doing so well, he's a handsome young man.

merkley4 said...

You are such a good mom, and it is because of the love and unconditional support that your family has provided, that Ricky is so successful. (and so cute I must add) I don't know if this ever came up in our conversation, but I work with individuals (typically young adults) with developmental disabilities for a living. I work for Cerebral Palsy, though we serve people with greatly varying disabilities!! Keep up the great work.. Ricky is adorable!!!

Mary Ann said...

What a cutie pie! He always looks sooo happy! =0)

Unknown said...

Your son is sooooo cute blessed you are!!


Unknown said...

Nice to meet you! Thanks for visitng my blog. Your socks are adorable and so are those tutu shirts! great job!

Your children are all precious and I love the testimony of Ricky's life! What a blessing for sure!

In His amazing grace,

Kim & Dave said...

He is such a cutie!!! What a great gift he is to your family, huh?

Mama Bear said...

Praying they find a cure