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Friday, July 10, 2009

FFF-Lil’ Firefighters

For the past few months, every time we drive past a fire station Ricky insists on going in and seeing the fire fighters.  Finally this week, his daddy decided to take him along with Peter to a local fire station.  They just showed up and were lucky enough to have a nice fireman who was willing to let them come in and look around.  Ricky was able to try on the clothing and we got some cute photos of the boys.  They were in their glory seeing all the equipment and climbing on a real fire engine.  This fireman really made the day for two little boys who really were impressed with it all!!!!  Neither boy can stop talking about it.  What an awesome field trip this was for them.

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firefighters 007

firefighters 003

firefighters 006

firefighters 005

firefighters 009


Kim & Dave said...

That's cute!! I can'[t wait for our little guy to start enjoying stuff like that! He's still scared of the sirens, lol!

Rebekah said...

What GREAT pictures of the boys Lynda & how wonderful of the fireman to let them come in and look around ... My husbands best friend is a firefighter and Jaden still insists on visiting him at the station when we're in town ... they are true Heros!

Have a great weekend ... and let's plan on meeting at Chuck E CHeese for lunch ... the kids can play and we can chat ... and if the glass blocks you have are open at the bottom I will gladly take them and paint them for Greta ... let me know what new colors you were thinking about ...

Have agreat weekend

Katrina said...

This is awesome!!! It's obvious the boys were having a GREAT time!!

Sarah said...

Too cute! My son lived and breathed firefighters when he was his age too... so adorable!

Unknown said...

ohh just precious!

Pineapple Princess said...

Following your blog!
Love your little firefighters! So cute!

Melinda said...

Looks like the boys had a great time! Very cute photos! My daughter was jealous when she saw the photos. She claims she's going to be a "fighter-fighter" (firefighter)when she grows up.

merkley4 said...

Very cute pics!! Your boys are so handsome... I can't get over how much Peter looks like a big boy!!