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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Meeting our new “Blogging Buddies”

On Friday, we met Rebekah and her beautiful children for lunch at Chuck E Cheese.  It was so fun to meet in person after following her blog for a while now!!  Greta and Jaden are the same age but it took them a  while to warm up to each other.  By the time we had to leave, they were good buddies and promised to keep in touch with one another on email! 

When we got home, Greta put a picture that was taken at Chuck E Cheese of her and Jaden up in her bedroom.  She wrote on it “Greta and Jaden…BFF!!” How sweet is that!

Rebekah, thank you for taking the time to get together.  I could just hold your little sweetie all day long…I wished I could take Charlotte home with me!

chuck e cheese 018

chuck e cheese 017

chuck e cheese 016


Unknown said...

awwwwww I love her blog!!!! Dont you love meeting blogging pals? I LOVE IT!!!!

The kids are just amazing in person!!!

Jill said...

Oh it looks like so much FUN! I wish I could meet everyone!

Terri said...

How fun!!! Sounds like you all had tons of fun!!!

Mama Bear said...

Ahhh, how fun to meet. Love following Rebekah's blog as well as yours :-) There's no place like Chuck E Cheese!!!! so glad everyone had such a fun time. Loved the pictures.

nora said...

Oh, I was just thinking about Charlotte and Jaden! Glad you guys had a great time.