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Check out my ETSY shop!!!!
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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Give away

My blogging buddy, Lora Leigh, is celebrating her 100th blog post by giving away 2 great prizes from Pampered Chef to some lucky readers.  Please stop by her blog to enter by clicking  HEREShe has two beautiful children.  Her daughter has Down Syndrome and we think she is so adorable!!  She also has a new baby boy.  I love following her blog and I know she is hoping to attract new readers.


Life is flying by and so is the summer!  We are keeping busy enjoying the nice weather and our lake home.  We are also planning a few fun vacations for August…more on that later!!

4th of July 2009 021

Taylor and Hannah along with my niece, Ari, decided they were bored at our lake home and wanted to spice things up.  They dug up some dress-up clothes and did a fashion show for us.  (they are going to kill me when they see that I posted these!!)

4th of July 2009 029

Hannah knelt down and put shoes in her knees to make herself look little!

4th of July 2009 037

Aren’t they so patriotic!


Tim and Jenny said...

Hilarious!!! :)

Unknown said...

totally 80s!!!! love it!

Mama Bear said...

Tooo funny, LOVE it!!!

Terri said...

What beautiful girls!!!!

Leah Maya Benjamin said...

oh that is too funny, probalby they wont think so but it gave all of us a laugh.

Rebekah said...

Lynda those pictures are HILARIOUS! I love them and what great Halloween ideas! We are looking forward to seeing you guys tomorrow at Chuck E Cheese ... it should be a blast ..,