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Check out my ETSY shop!!!!
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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Special Olympics and Thrifty Thursdays!

Ever since Ricky was born, we have looked forward to the day when he could compete in Special Olympics.  His daddy is such a talented athlete in almost every sport(and fiercely competitive too!) and luckily for Ricky, he inherited that natural athletic ability too!!  Ricky is competitive and pushes himself to be a better athlete but he’s also a good sport when competing with others. 

At age 8, a child is eligible to compete in this wonderful organization so this is Ricky’s very first ever competition today in Track and Field.  It’s actually a 3-day event but we will only make it today and tomorrow as we will be at the lake on the weekend.  Today he will compete at the University of MN campas in the Softball Throw…tomorrow is the 400 meter relay and that is quite a hilarious sight to see Ricky and the 3 other athletes running this race!  I’ll let you know how he does…

spring 2010 197

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socks-spring 434


Gardenia said...

good luck to Ricky! look at that smile!

Leah Maya Benjamin said...

How very cool,I wasn't sure what the age was for special olympics. He looks very happy and ready to go!!!!

Emily said...

Oh.... good luck Ricky! No doubt that you'll do fabulous. Can't wait for Justin to be able to do Special Olympics!!!

Terri said...

Good luck Ricky! I know you'll do great!

Rich & Sig said...

Hey girl! I wanted to thank you for the offer for a fundraiser! I will definitely get back to you!! I am planning on one of those fundraisers for the end of the summer! :)
Still loooove your socks :)

Gardenia said...

Lynda, we posted about our sox!!