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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wordful Wednesday

Let me start by saying that I like my boys with longer hair…I’m not a fan of short hair and especially not shaved heads!  With that being said, my poor little man has such a nice thick mop of hair and he sweats so much when he’s hot.  The hair stylist who cut his hair last time suggested that we shave his head just for the summer months to allow him to feel more comfortable.  So here is the BEFORE….

spring 2010 173


spring 2010 171


spring 2010 162

Although I can say I really don’t like his hair like this, I know he is already so much more comfortable on these hot days.  We left it a little longer and his hair grows back super fast so I know it’s only temporary!  He’s still my handsome little man!!

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Country Mouse, City Mouse said...

I love the middle photo...what a cutie! I think his new cut looks sweet, you never know it might just grow on you.

Gardenia said...

that's a great haircut. love the lollypop in his mouth. brings back memories of when my younger brothers went to the barbarshop as little guys, and always came back with a lollipop in their mouths. Peter's one handsome little man.

Leah Maya Benjamin said...

I was a little scared waiting for the last photo to load but it wasn't that short and it actually doesn't look bad at all, I am with you I love the longer hair. Thanks so much for offering to help that is so so nice of you. I will let you know, I've always been really nervous and a bit scared at doing a fundraiser or auction type thing.

Marsha said...

Very cute!!! You could always do what we did with Harrison part long/part short with a MOHAWK!!

Kristin said...

That's exactly what I did to Max last week, except I didn't realize until it was too late, that I failed to use the longer attachment. Oops.