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Friday, July 16, 2010


For those of you who have followed my blog for at least a year, you may remember that I LOVE garage sales.  It’s not that I need any more STUFF in my house, but it’s the thrill of the hunt that keeps me coming back for more!  I just love finding a great deal.  Recently I found this really cool Little Tykes castle and slide for only $25.00 and that included delivery to my house as it was too big for my minivan!

spring 2010 191

It now sits on one of two beautiful stamped concrete patios that a friend put in for us along with the other big awesome Little Tykes garage sale find from last year…

g sale finds 001

My kids and neighbor kids hang out there alot.  The other day while I was on the patio I happened to look  behind this castle and spotted this right at Peter’s eye level…can’t believe the kids haven’t found this before me…

socks-spring 744

socks-spring 747

There were MILLIONS of wasps buzzing around there!!!  Isn’t the hive/nest kinda cool looking though!  It would be interesting to know how they do that…I might google it someday!  Well, enter my husband who loves a challenge like this and wasn’t about to pay $150 to have it professionally removed!  Only 2 wasp stings later and the nest is gone and so are the wasps!!

And speaking of garage sales, my kids and I are having one this week(yesterday and today) with a portion of the proceeds going to Mayan Families and Recces’s Rainbow! As much as I love to garage sale, I love to get rid of the accumulation of 7 people’s stuff even more!  Whew…it’s lots of work though!

To see more FFF, please go to Hannah’s blog!  Have a great day!


Kim & Dave said...

We had some of those wasps at our house. According to our Termix guy, they are called "Paper Wasps." It is such a cool-looking nest, isn't it?

I love garage sales too-can't believe you found such cool stuff!!

Emily said...

Those are some great finds! Good thing you got rid of those wasps... ewww!

Spudsnsalsa said...

Kuddos to avoiding an exterminator's bill with only the price of two stings!!!
My Mom was a garage sale addict...but the horder compulsive kind so I'm very adverse to those darn things!! Sad because I really HATE my mountain bike and would really love a good old fashioned Schwinn beach cruiser like I rode as a child....and can only afford a garage sale version ):

nora said...

Oh if I had known you were having a garage sale today - we woudl have some!!!! I may have to call you and try to come tomorrow (if for no other reason than to meet your lovely family!)

Enjoy your weekend and good luck on your garage sale!

Leah Maya Benjamin said...

I also love a good garage sale, but we do have a small house and really don't need anything, but somehow there are just great deals,a nd Maya loves them too!
It never would have entered my mind to call someone to spray a wasp nest, I'm allergic and still don't have a problem doing it, just do it at night or early when they are all in there.

Gardenia said...

yay for your garage sale benefiting Reece's Rainbow and Mayan Families. and yuk, that wasp nest is scary. I've heard you can't just remove it. or it can cause lots of stings and angry wasps. good luck. love those little tykes houses!

Steph{anie} said...

Garage sales are so much'll never know what you'll find!

Melinda said...

That wasp nest is the coolest one I've ever seen!! Wonder how many wasps live in one that size?!?!

Great job on the garage sale finds. I NEVER find anything that great. If we lived closer, you'd have yourself a new shopping buddy :-)

Hannah said...

That nest is CREEPY!! That is going to give me nightmares. I am terrified of bees of any kind.

We hit yard sales in the summer too, Dmitry loves a yard sale. He makes me take him.:)

Terri said...

Oh wow! At first I thought the bee hive was fake. I stared at for awhile too! It's a good thing the kids didn't discover that on their own! Scary and does look kids cool! =)

Good find on the great find at the yard sale!

Nikki said...

How fun! And love that the proceeds are going to such a great cause(s)