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Friday, January 22, 2010

FFF-Favorite Animals

This week’s theme for Friday’s Favorite Foto is animals.  The only animal we have is a sweet little cat named Molly.  She lives at our lake home with my parents.  We have tried having cats at our home in the past but they get out of the house and end up dying at the hands of other animals or by terrible neighbor boys target practicing with pellet guns.

I posted this picture last summer but it’s so cute!  Molly is the darker kitten.

mail 001

We also have lots of favorite stuffed animals!  This is one of Peter’s favorites…the Build-A-Bear that Ricky made him for Christmas!

winter 09-10 170

We are having freezing rain here today.  My sidewalk and driveway look like a skating rink!  I am dreaming of summer and warm weather but I know it will be a LONG time before we see that here in Minnesota!

Tomorrow we are finally having a birthday party for Greta with her friends.  We are having it at the theater and seeing the movie “Tooth Fairy.”  Our theater does a nice job with parties.  They get to start the movie after touring the film booth.  Then they have a party room for cake afterwards!

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Hannah said...

Love the picture of the kittens, that is too cute!!

LivingSimply, SimplyLiving said...

Love the pics..
Kittens are so, so cute...

Spudsnsalsa said...

We have no 'live' animals due to Julia's allergies and asthma but plenty of the 'stuffed' kind!!

Our theater does great birthdays parties too. My girls are pressing hard to see Tooth Fairy as well.

Gardenia said...

adorable photos. Happy Birthday to Greta. never heard of a theatre doing parties, but certainly sounds easy and no clean up. I'll have to check out the tooth fairy movie too.

vaneblu said...

That kittens pictures is precious :)

Mama Bear said...

sooooo cute!!!!!! Hope Greta has a wonderful party.