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Check out my ETSY shop!!!!
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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wordful Wednesday-Good Bye


We’ve had the privilege of knowing an amazing man over the past year.  His name is Keanne and he spends his life volunteering his time to make the lives of kids like my Ricky even better!  He has taught hundreds of children with special needs (and their siblings) how to swim.  He has been Ricky’s coach and friend and accomplished things with Ricky that we were not able to in the past 7 years of his life!  Keanne earned Ricky’s trust almost as soon as they met and then taught my little man how to swim…something we had tried unsuccessfully to do since he was little.  Now that Ricky is 8 years old, the world of Special Olympics is open to him!  We would have loved to have  Keanne and Ricky to be together for the competitions in the future.

summer swim 09 006

Just seeing Ricky smiling in the water versus screaming with fear is still amazing to us!

summer swim 09 018

But like the saying goes, “All good things must come to an end.”  Our friend Keanne has left the frozen tundra of Minnesota and moved to Hawaii where he is excited to start a Special Olympics program there where there currently is none!  How can you blame the guy for wanting to leave cold winters in MN and move to HAWAII!!!???

Before Keanne left, he was honored with a very special award at the 24th Annual Distinguished Service Awards Ceremony for Special Olympics Minnesota!!  The ceremony was so much fun and Keanne even received a standing ovation for the tireless work he has done with so many special athletes.

When interviewed for the local newspaper, he stated that “every morning I wake up and pray that I will make a difference in someone’s life.”  He sure has made a difference…we love him and will miss him but we wish him the best as he begins a new life on Maui!  We hope to visit him this year!!! This picture was taken last Saturday…our last day of practice with Keanne…

winter 09-10 227

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sox-winter 092


socks-winter 280

socks-winter 314

socks-winter 398

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My apologies for such a long post of pictures!  To see more Wordful Wednesday posts, stop over to Angie’s blog!


Liz Mays said...

I'm glad he has been such a special part of your lives!

Stacy Uncorked said...

He sounds like a very nice man - how exciting for him to be moving to Hawaii to start a Special Olympics Program - glad that he was able to be a large part of Ricky's life!

Spudsnsalsa said...

How blessed to have people like him come through your life! How blessed to be able to even consider a trip to Hawaii to see him!!! Hope his karma brings you another great therapist/coach.

Sorry, we are in the 'no babies/toddlers' phase of our family so no customers to send her way. American Girl phase has ended too...sniff, sniff.

annies home said...

great pictures I would love more information on the socks where are they for sale at? Is there an etsy shop?

Emily said...

He seems like such an amazing person! The world needs a lot more people like that!

Gardenia said...

oh all that merchandise is so cute. sounds as though that man was /is a one in a million. how great Ricky had him in his life. you can always continue to keep him there even though he'll be far away.

Terri said...

What a blessing to have such a wonderful friend!
Great socks and hair clips! Here in the near future I need to put in an order!

Mama Bear said...

What an incredible treasure for your family. It's always so amazing to me when someone really brings out things in our children that we never could. I am so excited to hear how Ricky enjoys the Special Olympics. Jason loves the bowling!