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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Science Museum

I usually volunteer in Greta’s 2nd grade classroom on a fairly regular basis but don’t get the opportunity to do so in Ricky’s class as much.  Recently the school sent home a form looking for parent volunteers to go to the Science Museum of MN on a field trip.  I was lucky enough to be chosen to go with Ricky’s classroom.  Greta was disappointed that I didn’t volunteer with her class but I did see her there…she was with a different group of students and parents.

Here was the group of great kids that I was assigned to for the day!

science museum 004

We got to spend the day exploring the hands-on exhibits, doing cool experiments and seeing the documentary movie “Titanic” in the Omni theater there.

science museum 005

science museum 006

In this lab, we actually got to make a DNA strand from wheat germ.  It was pretty fascinating to see DNA up close! 

science museum 010

science museum 016

The children got to see what life is like for the Hmong people who fled Laos.  Here is a typical Hmong hut and costume.  Minnesota has the largest Hmong population in the US, I believe.

science museum 017

science museum 020

This really was a fun opportunity for the 2nd graders at our Magnet School for Arts and Science to experience some hands-on science up close and personal!  I had a great day with Ricky’s class!!

Thursdays are Peter’s day to spend at a Mom’s Day Out program.  I usually spend my free time shopping at the Mall of America…when you live 10 minutes from the largest mall in the country, it’s hard for a shopaholic like me to stay away!  Today, however, I am off to meet friends for coffee and then another friend for lunch!!!

Have a wonderful day!!!


Spudsnsalsa said...

Yes you do have the biggest Hmong population in the US! I know because I did a class with the Hmong on their textile techniques (:

That kind of Room Mother job is the one that scares me the most!! I just hate having to try and decide just how much of the 'Mom' in me to let loose on another person's child. Too much and I'm the killjoy who embarrasses her child...too little and the teacher is annoyed!!!

Gardenia said...

what a wonderful day you all had. my daughter would have loved seeing those dinosaur skeletons.

Emily said...

What a fun museum! Enjoy your day with friends today!

merkley4 said...

Ohhh How fun!!!

Rebekah said...

Isn;t that place just awesome ... what a great place to take your kids - esp when the weather here kind of stinks ... looks like all the kids had a wonderful time! Hope you are enjoying the January thaw!

Hugs from Prior Lake!
Rebekah & Family

Kim said...

I LOVE the Science Museum. We are members and don't use it as often as we should. Looks like everyone had a great time!