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Friday, January 8, 2010


I really thought I would start out the year doing a better job of blogging but it looks like I’m off to a bad start!  I have been so busy with other things that I often don’t check my blog at all.  That’s not like me!

This week’s theme for FFF is “Grandparents.”  We are blessed to have my parents living 90 minutes away so we see them at least every 2-3 weeks if not more.  Rich and I bought a lake home with them that they live in full time so we really see them lots in the summer months. 

winter 09-10 165

This was taken on Christmas Eve.  Although I have 4 other siblings, we are so blessed to have my parents all to ourselves EVERY Christmas at our home!  They have 22 grandchildren but ours are the lucky ones who get to see G and G the most!

Easter 2009 076

We spend every Easter with them……

Wisc. Dells 09 069

Most 4th of July’s are spent at their house, and this picture was from their 50th anniversary party in Wisconsin Dells.

I’m so thankful for their good health and the awesome example they are to their family.  They are wonderful Godly Grandparents!

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Kim & Dave said...

What a blessing godly grandparents are! We have them on both sides of the family, & I am so thankful!

Spudsnsalsa said...

Wishing the same here...sadly we waited too long to find each other and start a family. Both of his parents died before we even met and mine are now failing physically and mentally. Give them extra hugs from the Mahoney's please!!!!
BTW, I'm not the best at blogging lately either.

Gardenia said...

we are so lucky here too, to have grandparents alive and well! I love the second photo.

Melinda said...

Grandparents are such a blessing!!!

Terri said...

What a wonderful family you have!

Hannah said...

Those are Great! I could have sworn I already left a comment but I must have somehow not actually posted it.

I just was dropping by to tell you the thought of putting the socks and hairbows in your son's hair cracked me up!! Sounds like something I would try! I wish we lived closer too :)