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Thursday, March 11, 2010


It’s not quite Friday yet as I go to post this but Friday will be busy so I needed a head start if I was to get a blog post up for this week’s Favorite Foto Friday!

This weekend the MN high school hockey tournaments are taking place in St. Paul.  Once again, my husband’s hometown team is in the tournament.  This little town of 2,700 population is like a David and Goliath story.  Almost every year, they make it to state and compete against big city schools whose high school populations are sometimes larger than this entire little town of Roseau, MN, located 20 miles from the Canadian border!  Although this school should be in the bracket with all the other little schools in the state, they choose to compete against the large schools in the other bracket!  And many years they have won the whole State Tournament in hockey making them the best team in the entire state!

My girls and my husband are spending the weekend watching the games and hanging out with the entire population of Roseau who made the 7 hour trip to St. Paul to cheer their team on.  Many of those people are relatives so my kids are having a great time skipping 3 days of school to be with them.  Hannah was even on the t.v. today during the game when they asked her and her cousin to announce the commercial break !  Here is a picture of Greta wearing her Roseau “Green and White” hat!

winter 09-10 247

My kids weren’t happy about this but I made them put the green wig on so we’d have some photos for this post!!

winter 09-10 245

winter 09-10 243

Actually Hannah refused but she said she’d be in the picture if Peter wore it!  You can tell he’s thrilled about it!  So is Ricky in this next shot!

winter 09-10 246

I don’t often get an opportunity to photograph my oldest, Taylor.  The other night when I was busy, she offered to put the boys to bed for me.  When I went up to check on them, she was so sweetly reading them a story!

winter 09-10 241

winter 09-10 233

Thumbs up to that, Peter!

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My name is Sarah said...

Haaa I like the green wigs.

Chris and Sarah said...

Love the wig!

Hannah said...

Those are great! I love the green wig and that you made them wear it! Too funny.

Good Luck to your team! I went to a very small school so I love to see underdog schools go all the way!

Amy said...

Love the pictures. Your daughter reading to the boys is my favorite.
Have a great weekend.

Kathy said...

Love the wig! And what a sweet picture of your oldest reading to her brothers!

Gardenia said...

excellent shots, especially the one of Taylor reading to the boys. I grew up in a hockey house too where my brothers played on raod teams, and so we often had "billets" -- kids from other teams staying at our house.

Leah Maya Benjamin said...

dang it when they grow up and don't want to put on the wig! cute pictures. Good Luck at the tournement!

Terri said...

How cool to be on TV!!!
Your kids are the cutest and the wig is great!
Have a great weekend!

Kim & Dave said...

Love the picture of big sister reading to the "littles!" Precious times!!!