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Friday, March 19, 2010

FFF-“Spring Forward”

This week’s theme for FFF is Spring.  Here in Minnesota we are actually seeing signs of spring after a REALLY, REALLY LONG WINTER!!!  It’s been warmer than normal and we are so excited to once again enjoy the outdoors!

spring 2010 007

Peter spends much of his day riding on his trike or pulling the wagon around waiting for his siblings to get home from school and play with him!

spring 2010 004

spring 2010 005

The other day he was outside and I came out to check on him.  He was “writing” letters with chalk and I heard him say,

“R-I-C-K-Y” as he was pretending to write.  I couldn’t believe he was spelling Ricky’s name so I asked him to do it again and he did!  I guess it’s time to teach him to spell his own name if he already knows how to spell his brother’s name!!!  His big brother is such a good teacher for him!!

winter 09-10 249

What a difference two weeks makes in the weather…look at all the snow we still had a couple weeks ago!

The bird feeder is attracting some birds that have returned again after the long winter and some others that wintered here in MN!

spring 2010 006

spring 2010 009

And some new shoots are coming up in my perenniel garden!  Even the grass is already turning green under the winter kill!  That seems early here in MN!

spring 2010 002

spring 2010 003

Ricky and Greta had their 2nd grade Spring music program last night.  Ricky doesn’t always like to participate in these things…last year he stood up on stage with the class and sucked his fingers the whole time they were singing!  This year we bribed him with ice cream if he sang and he did AMAZING!!!  I was so proud!!  They sang 7 songs and he knew all of them.  A few of the songs had hand motions and one they sang while doing sign language to the song…he actually knew all the signs and did a better job than some of the 2nd graders who DON’T have special needs!!!  He had a big smile on his face the entire time and was really having a great time…I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have even had to use the ice cream as a bribe!  Ricky was front row, dead center so everyone saw him and several parents and teachers commented on how well he did!  Not to leave Greta out…she did AWESOME!! 

spring 2010 001

 During the first song, Greta(in light blue) and a few other children played instruments in the front row…I actually got both my kids in one photo(Ricky was right behind her)!  Then she moved back to her spot in the second row.

spring 2010 010spring 2010 008

The entire class did a medley of songs playing their kazoos…we took this picture after the program was over!

Enjoy this great spring day and head over to Hannah’s blog to see more FFF!!


Leah Maya Benjamin said...

yay for spring. I definetly think that Peter could spell his own name if his brother has taught him to spell his. Lvoe the school concert, and nothing wrong with bribery even if in the end you didn't need it.

Anne said...

Great pictures. We too were happy to see signs of Spring! It is great that Ricky participated in the Spring program this year (I would sing for ice cream too!)

Spudsnsalsa said...

Yeah we are having the same kind of spring here in Chicago too!! Sure does sound like it's a good time to use Ricky and Greta as student teachers too. Nice newsy post, thanks for sharing!

Skirt is done...working on the top this weekend (:

Gardenia said...

our grass looks like that too -- a little green and a little brown, but it means spring is here. and I love it when the birdies come around again. those are great pics of the birds. that's pretty amazing that Peter can spell ricky's name. we are working on speeling flower's name too. It's a challenge. the concert I bet was fun. happy spring.

Emily said...

I LOVE signs that spring is near! I am so happy to see things budding in my yard too! So great that your kiddos were in the school concert!

Rebekah said...

Oh I LOVED looking at your springey pictures ... it sure has been BEAUTIFUL around here hasn't it! Looks like all the kids are enjoying being outside after a horribly long winter! Loved the school program too ... they look so cute with their kazoos ... I hope you guys are well!

Hugs from us!

Melissa G said...

I'm looking forward to spring too! You caught some great pictuers!

Mom 4 Kids said...

I am so happy to have found your blog! I'll be following along!

One Busy Momma said...

We are also loving the preview of spring!!!!
How awesome that Peter is learning to spell!!!! I'm sure he will pick up his name quickly!

Great pics of the concert!
How great that two of your kids get to participate together!!!!

Unknown said...

i havent visited in a long time..IM SOOO MEAN!!!

I really really need a dinosaur shirt made for Abbys bday..HELP!