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Check out my ETSY shop!!!!
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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I’m Back!!!

There’s no excuse for why I’ve been gone so long.  I just felt like I had nothing worth writing about!  I’ve also been a little wrapped up in my Etsy business lately and spend long hours each day creating new items if I’m not busy getting out orders.  My poor little Peter is such a good sport about entertaining himself when I’m busy.  I have to make an effort to spend quality time with him too…I know that sounds terrible.  I love to be with him!  He’s just so easy going that I figure if he’s content playing by himself, I’ll keep plugging away at my work.

He loves working on puzzles.  He’s the only one of my 5 children who ever had an interest in them and spends lots of time putting these alphabet puzzles together.  They are actually for older kids but he’s just really determined and great at doing them.

winter 09-10 240

winter 09-10 236

We are eagerly awaiting spring here in MN like everyone else is!  The snow continues to melt more each day with temps in the 40’s…high for this time of year where we live!

We had hoped to take a winter vacation to somewhere HOT but our bathroom remodel costs got a bit out of control and now when the kids ask if we can still go on vacation, I tell them to go into the master bath and enjoy their spring break!!  I’ll post photos of the before and after shots tomorrow….it turned out fabulous!!!!!!

Glad to be back and blogging!  I missed it( and missed all of you) but I did try to keep up on all your blogs several times a week.  Didn’t always comment but I still loved reading about you!  I hope I still have some followers out there who haven’t abandoned me!!?? ANYONE THERE??????


Leah Maya Benjamin said...

oh can't wait to see pictures of the new bathroom. I'm sure we are all still here, I was stuck too but we have had the greatest weather, well not this week, but in general. I must do something with my etsy shop............

Vanessa said...

I'm still here!! LOL! I have been a very bad blogger too!! The family blog was not updated since I came home from Guatemala but I am trying to catch it up! Not doing such a great job though! LOL!! Glad you're back!

Emily said...

I'm here!!! I've been in a blogging funk myself. Not much to write about. Once spring hits... I'll at least have park pictures to write about! Have a good week!

Gardenia said...

so glad you're back. we missed you. the minnie mouse outfit I ordered from Sox that Rock was just beautiful. I posted about my niece's party today and you can see her wearing her shirt. couldn't get a good shot of her with the bows and shirt and the matching minnie sox, but she had to put them all on when she opened the gift! that's a great puzzle for Peter -- I like that it has the letters on it that spell the animal.

Chris and Sarah said...

I'm still here. That is so funny about them taking vacation in the bathroom.

Spudsnsalsa said...

Like you could get rid of us that easy?!?!

I sooooo can empathize about giving more attention to a low-maintenance child!!! I must confess to doing the exact same thing! Since they seem content to curl up on the couch and watch TV I feel like I need to sew when the opportunity presents. A really good Mom would probably roust them off their backsides and 'engage' in some activity.....sigh.

It's been over a year since we went down to see my Dad in Sarasota because we've been paying off Patrick's chemo/radiation and Julia's tonsillectomy.

Stockpiling Mom said...

I am here :-) I have been a bad blogger too (on my personal blog) as Stockpiling Moms is keeping me rather busy ;-)


I am glad you are doing well with your Etsy business :-)

Melinda said...

Welcome back!! And of course we're still here!!