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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Another Vacation and 50th Anniversary!!!

We just returned from a fun vacation in Wisconsin Dells.  We rented a 4 bedroom condo at the Wilderness Resort along with my parents and my brother and his family.  It was a beautiful log home with lots of space for all of us and a full kitchen to cook meals for the entire crew!

My parents didn’t want to have a big party to celebrate their 50th anniversary and preferred to spend it with their 5 children and 22 grandchildren.  We decided that we would all meet in Wisconsin Dells.  The weather was perfect and we enjoyed the EIGHT waterparks that this resort has to offer! We also went to the Tommy Bartlett Water Show.  They announced my parents 50th anniversary during the show and one performer dedicated a song to them.  Our entire family had dinner at a nice restaurant and then enjoyed a cake to celebrate their anniversary.  Years ago my mom gave me the cake topper from their wedding cake so we added that to the top of this cake to make it extra special.

The weekend was so much fun and it was such a blessing to have most of the family together all in one place.  We are so blessed to have such a wonderful healthy family and parents/grandparents that are so awesome.  My parents are good Christian role models for their family and anyone else who knows them.  Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!!!  We love you!!!

WI Dells & Hannah's 13th B-Day 09 015

WI Dells & Hannah's 13th B-Day 09 011

WI Dells & Hannah's 13th B-Day 09 030

This is the condo that we stayed in.

WI Dells & Hannah's 13th B-Day 09 034

Wisconsin Dells is known for their candy shops and homemade fudge…doesn’t this vat of chocolate look yummy!!!

WI Dells & Hannah's 13th B-Day 09 037

We rented a private room at the restaurant to accommodate our big group!

WI Dells & Hannah's 13th B-Day 09 050

Don’t my parents look great…50 years together and going strong!!!!

WI Dells & Hannah's 13th B-Day 09 052

WI Dells & Hannah's 13th B-Day 09 053

WI Dells & Hannah's 13th B-Day 09 069

The gang!  One brother and his family were unable to be there to celebrate this special event. This is the place we stayed at.

Tommy Bartlett

Tommy Bartlett Water Show.

Tommy B

WI Dells & Hannah's 13th B-Day 09 080

We had front row seats at the Water Show in town and they asked some of our kids to come up on stage for a hula hoop contest.  Hannah is in the pink.  She won the contest and a free pizza!!!

After all the traveling we have done in the past month, I am ready for a vacation from vacations!!  It’s lots of work to pack before we leave and to deal with mountains of dirty clothes once we return home. I need to start thinking of back-to-school time so we can get back into a routine!!

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Sarah J. said...

Wow, it really looks like you have had such a fun summer! I am the same way...been so busy it's hard to stay indoors and keep up with blogging. I'm sorta excited for things to tone down for fall! Have a great day!

Unknown said...

Wow you guys are having a amazing the pics!!

50 congrats to them!

My name is Sarah said...

What a great time you had. Happy 50th to Grandma & Grandpa. Oh my mom would like some chocolate fudge.

Terri said...

Looks like you all had tons of fun!

Congrats to your Mom and Dad!

AZ Chapman said...

nice pics and hello my name is AZ I found u through class of 2008 I am glad I did and look foward to reading more

come visit

AZ Chapman said...

cool I am glad to have fond someone else with Nld do u blog about it or more on DS . I will read u blog no matter what though

Michelle said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! You have a beautiful family! I was reading this and realized you're in our neck of the woods - well, we live in WI, but not near the Dells.