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Saturday, August 8, 2009

We’re in Paris!!!

Bonjour!!!  Okay, a few of you guessed it right on my last post.  I thought I would have more people guessing New York City!  I believe that when France gave the United States our Statue of Liberty, they made a smaller version to keep in Paris.  She is located on the River Seine and when we looked out our hotel window the first night, we saw her there all lit up and beautiful! 

Here are some photos we have taken of Paris.  The weather is HOT and the food is wonderful!!

Paris 2009 017

Hotel des Invalides-The tomb of Napoleon the First

Paris 2009 063

The Louvre Museum

Paris 2009 083

The original Mona Lisa…that was cool to see it up close!  It’s a really small piece of art…not what you picture it to look like!

Paris 2009 080

Venus de Milo-At the Louvre Museum

Paris 2009 110

Notre-Dame Cathedral

Paris 2009 098

Paris 2009 106

The French make amazing crepes…Hannah had this one filled with Nutella Chocolate!!

Paris 2009 117

The Arc de Triomphe taken from Champs-Elysees

Paris 2009 134

Double Decker open bus tour through Paris

Paris 2009 166

Lil’ Sister to Lady Liberty!

Paris 2009 157

We took a boat tour of the Seine River

Paris 2009 060

Flower Markets and Street Cafes are everywhere!

Paris 2009 104

Paris 2009 101

Paris 2009 162

I think this is the neatest thing we saw in Paris…the Eiffel Tower is so impressive and absolutely beautiful when it’s all lit up at night.  Words and pictures don’t do it justice! Rich and Hannah went to the top of it…they walked up the first 700+ steps and then took the elevator from the second level up to the top!  Taylor didn’t want to go up because of her poor vision so I stayed on the ground with her.

Paris 2009 024

Paris 2009 041

Paris 2009 133

Paris 2009 124

Paris 2009 144

With all the wonderful(and extremely expensive) French food, this is where my girls wanted to eat each day…we only ate there once however!

Paris 2009 077

Some more “ART” at the Louvre Museum…Taylor was NOT happy about posing in front of a naked man statue and said she never wanted to see another one in her life!!!

Once again, we left our three youngest home with Grandma and Grandpa!  We miss them alot but they wouldn’t enjoy Paris and the fast pace we keep.

Finally, Holly(of Holly’s Kick Ass Bows) is the winner of the prize.  Email me, Holly and I will get it out in the mail to you!!


Unknown said...

LMAO that last pic is cracking me up..your daughter is tooo cute!!!

What fun time!!!


Mama Bear said...

Oh Lynda, how incredibly fun to share with your girls and hubby. It looks absolutely beautiful there. Thanks so much for sharing the pictures. Hope we can get there some day! Did giggle over the last picture, LOL

merkley4 said...

I looks like you're having a great time!!!! The girls are so beautiful!!!

A.L. Zaun said...

Paris looks beautiful. Thank you for sharing the pictures and enjoy your time there! And I would probably want to eat at MacDonalds, at least once just to make sure that the French know how to cook MacDonalds, cause it's really hard.

Terri said...

How awesome!!! I'm jealous!!! lol

Keep the pictures coming! I know you all are having tons of fun!

nora said...

Oh awesome vacation for you guys! We would LOVE to meet at the zoo. I have school stuff in the mornings this week (and J. has day camp). What about Tuesday or Thursday next week?

The cabin is on Lake Roosevelt by Aitkin. What about you guys?