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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Some surgeries in our future!

We had an appointment for Taylor and Peter at the ENT Dr. yesterday.  First of all, Taylor… she has always been a mouth-breather which has caused many problems with her teeth in a round-about way.  Needless to say, after 2 1/2 years of braces and thousands of dollars, she got them off and soon her teeth were pushed out of position again!  She apparently has a tongue thrust that was never noticed until after braces came off and because of it, her tongue pushes outward each time she swallows(which is 1000+ times per day!).  At any rate, the mouth breathing is related to all this in some way.  We ruled out allergies a few weeks ago with testing and were referred to this ENT.  What he found is that she has a deviated nasal septum and will need surgery to straighten it.  Has anyone else had an experience with this procedure and what we can expect?  It  doesn’t sound like fun and I wish we would have known about this at the BEGINNING of the summer!

Moving along to Peter…since the first time we met him in Guatemala at age 2 months, he has been a very noisy sleeper.  Since he’s been home with us, he began to snore during sleep and now he even snores while he’s awake if he’s really tired!!!  He’s not a huge overweight child so I knew something was wrong.  Well, one look in his throat and the doctor knew what the problem was.  His tonsil are HUGE!  On a scale of 1-4, his are a 5!!!  Not only do they touch in the middle of his throat but almost cross over each other!!  The dr. is sure a tonsillectomy will solve his snoring and loud breathing problems.

I think back to Ricky’s tonsillectomy at age two and I cringe.  It was a horrible procedure for that little guy and 2 weeks later we rushed him to the E.R. with bleeding down his throat!  I am praying Peter’s surgery won’t be so traumatic! We will be getting these 2 surgeries scheduled in the next few weeks…never a dull moment at the Lund household!!!

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Here’s a random picture with no significance to today’s subject matter-just posted for your viewing pleasure!  Starting to experiment a little more with my camera!!!


Unknown said...

OMG I feel for you my friend..and im over here having a pissy pity party for me.HA WhateVER!

Praying for your sweet babies....YIKES!

Leah Spring said...

Oh bummer!!!!! Having just gone through major surgery myself 2 1/2 weeks ago, I can sympathize with the kids. I've lost count how many surgeries Angela has had. We're well into the 20's. Only, they have no idea what's ahead for them! I have a deviated septum, but I'm scared to death to get it fixed. Maybe someday, but at 42, why? Although my husband says my snoring has gotten MUCH worse, and that it started right after I had surgery on my broken arm last year. Weird. Anyway, for both kids, just stay on top of the pain meds NO MATTER WHAT! Just give them weather they seem like they need them or not. This keeps you ahead of the pain. Once the pain gets ahead, it takes forever to catch back up and leads to unnecessary misery. HUGS! If you need me to run any errands for you while you're taking care of recovering kids, just let me know! I'm home all day. (and, I just went to do the word verification for your comments, and the word is percoset. How fitting! ROFL)

nora said...

My brother in-law had his deviated septum fixed a few years ago when he was 20. He stayed at our house to recover so we helped with the meds and swelling. The first two days and nights were the worst and then it got better pretty quickly.

nora said...

Oh - I think we are going to go to the zoo on Friday morning. Any interest?

Mama Bear said...

Oh no Lynda, sounds like my HOUSE!!! We just found out Emily's ear tube on the left is half out! Jason had 33 surgeries and has done wonders, more than I myself could ever have imagined going through and yet they prevail so much more than we adults!! I am sure things will go well and will most definitely keep all of your family in our special prayers. Hugs my friend, Rhonda

One Busy Momma said...

Sorry to hear bout all the medical problems...

Our middle son just had his tonsils out at the age of 3.5... he was a horrible snorer also...and his were also huge... but he went through the surgery with flying colors and it has really improved his sleep and such.

Hope they are able to schedule the surgery's soon.... I'm sure the kids will do great!

machisen said...

A friend of mine had surgery for a deviated nasal septum many years ago, so it might be quite different now. He said that the surgery was an over-nighter. The septum is cartilage that separates the nasal passages, which in his case had been damaged due to an accident. He said that after putting him under the doctor inserted splints made of dental plastic along side the septum, and packed the nasal cavities with oiled cloth to hold the splints in place. This stayed in place over the weekend in order for the cartilage to grow back together; after a few days the tape, cloth, and splints were removed in the doctor's office.
Eventually the tenderness went away but all was good.