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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wordful Wednesday-“Alfalfa”

We have been back from Paris for several days and I have not had the energy to blog until now.  It’s difficult going through so many time zones and it always takes me a while to get my system back to MN time once we return from overseas.  Plus the dirty laundry alone is enough to set me back for a week!!

I spend most days taking Ricky to the pool to work on swimming with a Special Olympics coach.  He is an amazing teacher!  Ricky would NEVER even get into the water and now he’s become very comfortable in it.  He still has a ways to go before he’s actually swimming but his coach is confident that if we keep up the lessons, he will be competing in Special Olympics next year!  Yesterday Ricky was in swimming classes twice…morning and evening…so it really cuts into my “free” time!

Today’s Wordful Wednesday photo is one of Peter and Hannah.  Peter had just got out of the bathtub and Hannah made his wet hair stick up like Alfalfa!!  Peter is a good sport about letting his siblings experiment with him!!!


To see more Wordful Wednesday photos, go to Angie’s blog.  Have a wonderful Wednesday!!

Paris 2009 065


Mama Bear said...

They are just the cutest ever.

Ryanne said...

Love the hair...and that show! Great picture. And good luck on the swimming lessons!

merkley4 said...

cute... cute... cute...