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Friday, September 18, 2009

FFF-3 Muskateers


3 muskateers

Ricky recently got together with a few of his school buddies to bike.  All three of these guys are working on becoming better bikers and none of them have an interest in taking the training wheels off!  Ricky is really quite a good biker and very capable of learning to ride a 2-wheeler so maybe we will make that a priority next spring!

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Gardenia said...

they are ready for the trail. it's so good to have friends in the neighborhood to play with.

Unknown said...

Very cute boys!

AZ Chapman said...

U sould send rick to a lose the training wheels bike camp it works

Mama Bear said...

What a great picture. Cute kiddo's! Katie has no desire to remove the training wheels or ride her bike!

Becca said...

That's awesome that he rides his bike so well and might be taking the training wheels off! I'd love to hear how this eventually plays out, as I've heard many times how difficult it is for our kiddos w/Ds to ride bikes. We've been terrible at trying to teach Samantha how to ride a tricycle. Note to self: stop procrastinating... LOL
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