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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

When Life Gives You Apples….

g sale, Tay, apples 006

g sale, Tay, apples 007

g sale, Tay, apples 003

g sale, Tay, apples 012

Make Applesauce!!!

I have only one apple tree in my yard which I planted there about 6 years ago.  This year it produced so many beautiful, sweet organic apples.  I gave away tons, we ate tons, I made 4 apple pies and all this applesauce.  My mom and I canned applesauce for one entire day!  It was a lot of work but we will enjoy the applesauce all through the long winter!! 


Gardenia said...

lovely tree. It sure has grown in 6 years. The applesauce looks pinkish-red instead of the usual yellow that we are used to seeing. I bet it is tasty.

One Busy Momma said...

Wow! Beautiful tree!!!!
Love seeing all that home-made applesauce!!!!

Hope everyone enjoys it!

Unknown said...

OOHHHH wow i love applesauce and Cidar..i love fall!

My name is Sarah said...


Marsha said...

Looks yummy!!! What great pictures too!

Terri said...

Those apples looks wonderful!!!

Kristin said...

Thanks for 'finding' my blog :) Great socks too!

Christine said...

Love applesauce, especially homemade. We usually get it from grandma, but now that I have 2 children that LOVE it, It's time to make my own. I hope it is a good experience. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Kim & Dave said...

That applesauce is beautiful!!!!

Emily said...

I am so glad you found my blog! Your family is beautiful!! Can't wait to keep following your journey!

Stockpiling Mom said...

What is the type of tree? I would so love to plant one!