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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Finally…back to school!

Our school district chose to start school again after Labor Day.  Since the holiday was later in September this year, we will be going to school until mid-June!  I would much rather have had the kids start a bit earlier and then be done earlier in the spring but nobody asked for my opinion!  Anyway, the kids were all anxious (and a bit nervous!) but all were looking forward to seeing friends again!  I am not looking forward to the routine that comes with being back in school…our summer was so nice and relaxing and schedule-free! 


I do have lots to do around the house and yard and it’s so much easier with just Peter at home.  He’s so easy-going and stays close by my side.  He was a bit lonely when all his siblings abandoned him this morning!


I had been a blogging slacker so will need to pick up the pace again!

My high-schooler, Taylor

First day school-sept 09 003

My middle-schooler, Hannah

First day school-sept 09 004

My 2nd graders, Greta and…

First day school-sept 09 005


 First day school-sept 09 007


First day school-sept 09 006

Off they go!

First day school-sept 09 010


Mama Bear said...

Ahhh, beautiful family Lynda.......

Emily said...

Your kids are beautiful! I hope they enjoyed their school day!

Gardenia said...

they all look so happy to be starting a new year at school.

AZ Chapman said...

how was taylor's day. Do u blogg about her nvld or just ricky

Unknown said...

Just gorgeous!!! My high schoolers DIE when i take their pics..looks like i better take it to embarrass them!!HA!

Marsha said...

Your children are just beauitful!! Hope they have a great year.

Gardenia said...

your girls are beauties, and your boys are handsome little men. I love all their names. How did momma hold up with her kiddos going off to school? ok I hope.

Unknown said...

Come to my blog and pick up y0ur kreativ blogger award!

Steph said...

Your kids are gorgeous! Enjoy some special time with Peter before it's his turn to get on that yellow bus!