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Monday, October 5, 2009

Another Soccer Season Done

Greta just finished another season of soccer.  She doesn’t exactly love soccer but she is getting better with each passing season!  The girls rotate playing goalie and she enjoys that position best of all.  Although September was unseasonably warm and beautiful, October has been cool(50’s) and rainy so it isn’t the greatest weather to be sitting outside watching a game!  I was happy to see the season end after Saturday’s game which was played in the cold and rain!

Next, we move on to hockey….

Soccer 09 009

Soccer 09 010

Soccer 09 004

Soccer 09 007

Soccer 09 008


Emily said...

So much fun! I wish my girls enjoyed sports... we've tried them all and no such luck!

Kristin said...

Last spring we tried Piper in soccer - she just stood in the middle of the field and cried! My fave is hockey too!! Crossing my fingers that one of my kiddos will enjoy it.

Gardenia said...

nice pictures of your daughter. from one sport to another. hockey for girls -- yay.

Mama Bear said...

Wonderful pictures. I can totally relate to the "cold and wet" times sitting to watch games!!!

Get warm before hockey!!!!

Steph said...

Brrrrrr...looks too cold for me! :) But, what fun!