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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Surgery a Success

Taylor was such a brave girl with this very difficult and painful surgery.  We had to leave our house at 5:45 am for a scheduled 7am surgery.  Unfortunately, some things are out of our control and we ended up waiting for her turn until after 8am as the previous case had some setbacks.  When you are scared and nervous and 15 years old, that is not easy!  The surgery lasted about 45 minutes.  I was finally able to see her around 10am.  The doctor said it went great and that she will be able to breathe 75 % better by next Monday and then continue to improve from there.  She has not been able to breathe through her nose for years so this will be a nice change! 

surgeries 001

This picture was taken prior to surgery.  I won’t post photos from afterwards as she looks  and feels pretty tough now.  There will be lots of blood and pain for several days.  The most difficult part of the whole procedure for her was the I.V. that they had to put in.  The thought of it scared her ahead of time and she said it really hurt her the whole time it was in.

surgeries 002

Thank you for all your prayers for my sweet girl.  Tonight is going to be rough but I know she will continue to feel better with each passing day.


Kristin said...

Oh, that doesn't look fun. I HATE IV's. Praying for a speedy recovery!

Courtney said...

Your poor, brave, beautiful girl! Sending healing energies her way in abundance. And oh, IV's. :( Worst part of my c-section--the IV, hands down. :( I feel for her!

Thinking of you all...


Mama Bear said...

I am sooo happy to hear things went well. IV's hurt alot and always seem to get in the way! Sending many prayers for her healing.

Emily said...

What a brave and beautiful girl! I hope she recovers soon!

Unknown said...

Ohh yeah the IV is the worst part when they have to do it on your hand...OUCH i hate that and im wayyyy older then her!!!

praying for that sweet girl!

Gardenia said...

what a brave young woman! I got the sox -- they are beautiful as usual. my daughter is gaga over them. as am I.

merkley4 said...

What a blessing that Taylor did so well through surgery. We will pray for a speedy recovery. Great job being such a brave young lady Taylor!!!!!