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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Going Home Today!

Peter’s surgery went well yesterday.  My parents spent the night so Rich and I could both go to the hospital with him…I have always had to go alone so he could stay home with the other children with past surgeries (and with 5 children, there’s been a few!).  We arrived there at 6am but surgery didn’t start until 8:15…the doctor was stuck in traffic and arrived late!  The hardest part of any of my kid’s surgeries have been when I have to hold them in my arms as they start the anesthesia and put them to sleep.  It always disturbs me and I end up walking out of the operating room in tears.  Well, this time it was Rich’s turn so he put on scrubs and off they went to the O.R.

Pete's surgery 001

Pete's surgery 002

The surgery went quickly and the doctor said it went well!  After we saw him in the recovery room and they admitted us to the short-stay unit, Rich left for the day.  I spent the next 10 hours with a sad, hurting little man in a tiny room watching Disney shows and PBS. 

When the pain meds kicked in, he’d feel great but I could sure tell when they were wearing off!  This kid ate like a horse all day…4 popsycles, 3 cups of ice cream, 2 pudding cups, jello, 2 huge bowls of applesauce, an adult-sized portion of mac and cheese with a huge garlic breadstick, 2 HUGE pancakes and part of a turkey sandwich…and he kept asking for more food!  I never feed him that much at home!  They seem to only have one serving size for their meals there and all are adult-size.  Even so, I am happy that he is taking food and fluids so well.

Pete's surgery 005

Pete's surgery 007

Pete's surgery 008

The second toughest part of any surgery for me is having to try to sleep in the hospital all night with all the noise and constant distractions.  This time Rich agreed to spend the night there with Peter so I could sleep at home!  He brought Taylor and Ricky to visit and then the 3 of us came home for the night.  I will leave in a few hours to pick up Rich and Peter once he is released from the hospital.

Thank you so much for all your prayers and concern for my children over the past 2 weeks.  It is such a comfort and blessing to me that so many of my blogging buddies are willing to lift up our family in prayer at times like this.  Blessings to you today!

Pete's surgery 010


Gardenia said...

looks as thought the little guy is doing ok. the popsicle helped I'm sure, as well as all the love from his mommy and daddy and siblings.

Emily said...

I am so glad all went well. What a gorgeous family you have...

Melinda said...

What a tough little guy!! Glad he's doing so well. And boy, can he eat!!!

Unknown said...

awesome boy!!!

Leah Spring said...

I'm glad to know it went well! I have held a child for anesthesia ONCE, and refused to ever do it again. That freaked me out too much! It didn't help that the one time I did hold Tyler, he had a minor reaction to the anesthesia. (his epiglotis went into spasms, very common, and something they wouldn't even bother telling you about because it's so common.) Had I not seen it, I never would have known. But because I was holding him, the had to suddenly rip him from my arms, wake him up, then put him back under again. Yeah, freaked me out. That was the last time I ever held one of my kids. Angela has ALWAYS gone alone, and she's had 22 major surgeries (and we're now headed for # 23 and #24 next month.) She takes the hand of the anesthesiologist and waves goodbye, so I can save my tears for when my back is to her. Ok, as I typed that, I realize how sad it is that Angela has been conditioned like that!

Vanessa said...

Glad he's doing well and you guys will be home soon!!

Kristin said...

Glad things are going well for your little guy!
My nephew was found safe (here in Utah), BUT... the police sent him back home with his mom! They said custody matters are not a criminal issue and possession is 90% of the law (regardless that my brother had the custody paperwork in hand). I posted earlier this week all the CRAZY details. So anyway, now we just hope she returns him when school starts on Monday!

merkley4 said...

Wow...the procedure there is much different than here in NY. I am so happy that Peter did well and that is over!!! I hope that sweet Peter is feeling well and has a great and rapid recovery. Here, Makyla had outpatient surgery and could not eat solid food for a week. Amazing.... we are thinking of Taylor and Peter!!!

Terri said...

Poor little guy! I'm so glad everything went well. What a big and brave boy!

Mama Bear said...

What a big brave little guy you have there. I am so glad you were able to also have Rich there with you. I have to admit with Jason having had over 33 surgeries in his 24 years of life, it always felt like the first gut wrenching one every time he went into the ER.
Blessings my friend and so happy to hear things went so well.