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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Word-Ful Wednesday-“Fall”

This week’s theme for Wordful Wednesday is “Fall”. While many bloggers are posting beautiful pictures of fall in their part of the country, this is what we have experienced of fall in the past 2 weeks or so!  I really can’t complain, however.  We did have an unseasonably warm and beautiful(although dry) September.  October is much different with COLD temperatures and TONS of RAIN!  Today is finally the first day that we have seen sunshine in 8 days!  Rich and I will spend the morning working out in the yard.  Tomorrow sounds like it will again be cold and rainy!!

v ball 002

v ball 020

v ball 017

Despite the cold and rainy week we’ve had, my boys can always find something fun to do outside.  Ricky took a little broom out and was sweeping leaves into a pile for Peter!

v ball 018

v ball 021

v ball 019

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Claremont First Ward said...

Looks like it's getting brisk. LOVE your photos!

Liz Mays said...

That's what fall looks like around here too. Lots of rain!

Leah Spring said...

I was SO EXCITED to see the sun shining this morning!!!! It has been too many days of heavy rain. BLECH! And my dogs are just disgusting with all the mud, which makes my whole house feel dirty. Today feels like a day of renewal!!! Hey, we need to get together for coffee! What does Friday morning look like for you?

Emily said...

Gorgeous pictures! You are surrounded by beautiful greenery!

Melinda said...

Our weather's been exactly the same. And its supposed to get colder this weekend! I already miss the summer :-)

Cute pictures of the boys. Ricky is such a good big brother!

Gardenia said...

we have had some rainy days and blowing winds and cold nights. but aren't the colors of the leaves beautiful. it's what I love -- all that crunchiness under out feet when we walk. your boys are happy helpers. you have nice landscaping at your home too! (I sent you an email ordering some more sox -- not sure I saved your mailing address).

merkley4 said...

Your boys are so handsome... and that little Ricky is such a helper!!!! Happy Fall!!!

Nikki said...

I hear ya- similar weather here!


Mama Bear said...

What awesome pictures and love that special helper you have.