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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

One down…one to go!

Tomorrow morning at 7am, Peter is scheduled for surgery to remove his tonsils and adenoids.  He doesn’t have a clue what’s coming but every time we talk about his surgery, he cheers…like he thinks he’s going to a hockey game or something!!  Poor little man won’t be feeling like that tomorrow at this time!  Please keep him in your prayers that everything goes well and that he heals quickly.  Ricky was his age when he had his T and A done and it was awful… he refused to eat or drink anything and ended up getting dehydrated and being re-admitted to the hospital about 10 days after surgery. 

sepia 002

This is an older picture but I think it’s a nice one of my two surgical patients!!!  Taylor got her nose splints out today and said she feels so much better.  Hard to tell if she can breathe better as she has a terrible cold and is all stuffed up! 


The Disney Live show was a lot of fun for Peter and Ricky.  They loved seeing the Disney characters and Peter was busy dancing in the aisles!  Wouldn’t you know, I went to take a picture and my camera battery was dead so I got no photos at that venue!


Rich, Hannah and Greta had a fabulous weekend out in Colorado Springs visiting the Air Force Academy.  Here are some pictures Hannah took of her time there.







She didn’t take any pictures of the Air Force hockey game and the other sites there.  She took about 50 photos at the football game however!

Yeah!!!  The Biggest Loser is on tonight…we all just love that show in our household!  It’s nice to watch a reality show where the contestants actually do something to improve their lives and try to live better than they previously did!  Any other Bob and Jillian fans out there??!!


merkley4 said...

I love the picture of the kids!! Best wishes for a successful surgery and speedy recovery for your sweet Peter!!!! I will be thinking of him!!!!

Tim and Jenny said...

I'm a HUGE Biggest Loser fan! I bought Jillian's videos (that are currently sitting on the shelf). We'll be praying for Peter tomorrow!

Gardenia said...

praying for Peter's surgery and speedy recovery. cute picture of taylor and Peter.

Courtney said...

That picture is so, so sweet. Keeping Peter in my thoughts--hope his recovery is as speedy as humanly possible!


Unknown said...

praying for your brave little one!!!! love the pics them!

Pineapple Princess said...

Prayed for him today. How is he doing?

Kim & Dave said...

Glad they had a good time in our hometown-& his former one!!!