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Check out my ETSY shop!!!!
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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Word-Ful Wednesday

fall 09 019

Ricky has been begging to have a play date with his sweet friend from school, “M”, for weeks and weeks now.  These two have been in school together since the age of 2!  Theirs is a stormy relationship…one day he loves her the next he doesn’t.  “M” on the other hand adores him all the time and recently has been sending love notes home with him from school every day!  She tells him, and everybody else, that she is going to marry Ricky!  They would be an adorable couple!!  We seriously have considered that he probably will get married some day to another individual with special needs and have a very wonderful marriage.  Ricky is so capable of doing whatever he sets his mind too and he is also so loving and considerate of others.  We saw a glimpse of it while “M” was here playing with him.  He loves to pat her head and he offers to help her all the time.  It was so sweet when she announced that her shoe was untied and Ricky ran right over saying he would tie it…funny thing is he doesn’t have a clue how to tie shoes but he still gave it a try and created a wonderful triple knot for me to un-do!!!

I have been a bad blogger again lately!  Life with a 2-year old post-tonsillectomy patient is very exhausting!  Peter is still needing Tylenol with Codeine EVERY 4 hours around the clock for throat pain.  He wakes up screaming in pain several times each night and I am exhausted!!  This is truly one of the toughest surgeries as far as recovery time goes (and I’m practically an expert having 2 children who have gone through this now!!).  It is such a battle to get him to eat and especially to drink anything.  He has lived off of jell-o and popsycles for the past 7 days now!  Hopefully we are turning the corner today and he will begin to feel better.

I’ve also been busy adding to my line of SOX THAT ROCK so go check out my new styles when you get a chance!

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Gardenia said...

poor peter, and poor you! hang in there. I'm going to go check out your new line of sox! you know I'm addicted to them; I mean my daughter!! cute pic of ricky and his g-friend.

Unknown said...

I pray that peter is pain free soon!!! love the playdate pic!

Leah Spring said...

Poor Peter, and POOR MOM! He won't remember it, however you will remember it forever! LOL I'll be praying he turns the corner today. I love the story of Ricky and "M". They make a cute couple. Angela has a love/hate relationship with her crushes too. Remember when we were kids, and our parents would tell us "When a boy picks on you, it's because he likes you." Well, Angela is the picker! She adores a certain boy at school, and yet will haul off and push him over......sigh....

Liz Mays said...

Love notes, LOL! How adorable!

Emily said...

I hope Peter feels better very soon. Love the sweet friendship between Ricky and "M" That is precious!