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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Cute Gift Idea

Here is a great, easy inexpensive idea that would be perfect for gift-giving to a child or even an adult! My parents have 22 grandchildren so this was a nice gift that they could give to all the children for Christmas and it didn't cost a fortune. She scanned baby photos of each grandchild, then copied them onto fabric transfer paper and ironed them to white fabric. She selected colors for the pillows that matched each child's bedding. For all the boys she used denim jeans that were cut up and even left a pocket on the back of those pillows to hold "secret treasures!" It seems like you wouldn't need to be great at sewing to complete this project. I have to say my kids love their pillows from Grandma and we have had many compliments of them! My goal this year is to learn to sew and knit...both of which I need to learn from my mom. She tried teaching me so many times as a child and I just wasn't interested. Now I think it is so cool when people make handmade projects. I'm impressed with some of you and your sewing talents (ie: Mary and your Guatemalan oufits!!)


merkley4 said...

I bought that transfer paper a while ago and wanted to make a quilt for the girls with their baby pictures using colored blocks and 12 blocks of photos (one for each month of their first year)... however I haven't got to it yet!! That pillow idea is great and surely could be done in less time than a quilt. I wish that I could take credit for those Guatemalan outfits... but they were purchased at the market in Guatemala.

Lund7 said...

After I posted this entry I remembered that I meant to say your christmas did make those, didn't you Mary?