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Check out my ETSY shop!!!!
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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

To all our family and friends, both old and new, we wish you joy and peace and God's blessings in 2009. Even though this economy and country is in the midst of some difficult times, God has blessed us beyond belief this past year. As I reflect back on 2008, there were so many joys and blessings. Our year started with good news from Guatemala that Peter was finally able to be brought home with us. After 4 trips to visit him, he finally came home to stay on January 30! We have enjoyed many "firsts" with him this past year including his first birthday, Easter, summer at the lake, and recently his first Christmas with his family!! We were blessed in 2008 to do some traveling to Rich's hometown in July and London in August. We welcomed two new nephews to the clan this summer, Ryan and Daniel...pictured above. Our family has been so blessed with good health. My parents are such a blessing to us and we are so fortunate to have them living nearby. Rich is still working so I am able to be home with my children. The kids are all doing well in school and activities and we all have nice friends who care about us! God has truly blessed us and we want to do more in this upcoming year to give back to others.
The group picture above was taken yesterday at our annual Christmas-time get-together with my family. My parents, 2 of my siblings and their spouses, one cousin and many nieces and nephews were able to make it to our home. We had a wonderful day celebrating being together as a family and ringing in the new year. A family is such a blessing and we are so thankful for ours!
Thank you to all who follow our blog and may you experience God's love in many ways in 2009!!!


junglemama said...

Happy New Year! You have a beautiful family!

Sig said...

Your kids are beautiful, thanks for checking out my blog! Hope you follow along :)

Sig said...

PS- I will add you to my blog, but I need your EM addy :)